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  • Affiliated Stores' Development Container Creation
    • Developed Beer Tower, Soju-Beer (Somac) Tower, Big Special Container, Dried fish and shells Container, Plate Stir-fried Rice Cake Container, Three Combo Salad Container and others
  • Affiliated Stores Development Equipment (Hall / Kitchen)
    • Hall: sliding partition, folding table for group, beer tower holder, feeding table rail, multi napkin container, table multi-compartment, one stage perforated shelf/Soju shelf and etc.
    • Kitchen: Steel grill net stand, Gandexi sliding shelf, kitchen oven stand, sliding workbench, powder sliding workbench, three-stage wall shelf, feeding table multi-purpose shelf, food utensils return sliding shelf and others
  • Transmission of identical nationwide broadcast / broadcast linkage promotion through the in-company broadcasting system (FBS)
  • Establishment of educational system at each stage - Open theory education of affiliated (franchise) stores / franchise stores training / franchise stores experience learning / Fun&I Leaders Forum (4 times annually) / Business Leaders' Club meeting (franchise top 1% leading group) / Exciting Sales Innovation Seminar / Special Lecture for Successful Start-up
  • Build FUS system - Support all trainings for online businesses
    • FUS manual / FUS resource room, Store operation tip, Success planner, Excellent affiliated stores video, Cooking videos and others
  • Various marketing support
    • 20 types of support free of charge including Seasonal menu support (4 times a year) / Promotion assistance (posters, magazine, scratches, giveaway) / Sticker and attachment manual and others / Pangpang Event by each day (Beer free of charge) / various stores POP support / Free business card support (free of charge) and others
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