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Brewed beverage carts and kiosks and stores with food service franchising throughout Luzon.
150,000 PHP (Philippine Peso)
In 2009, a small, cozy cafe True Brew opened in Ateneo de Manila High School cafeteria. It started serving popular hot and cold coffee concoctions, pastries, desserts in a homey setting  perfect for chitchat, reading, studying or just plain chilling out.

Pretty soon the good word about True Brew, one of the first cafes in Manila to offer a full menu of blended tea, spreads through Ateneo students, teachers, guests who have experienced the unique mix of delicious drinks, tasty snacks, personalized service in relaxing ambiance.

Since then, True Brew became True Blends has put up shops in Baguio, Dagupan, Las Piñas, Makati, Parañaque, Pasig, San Carlos, and Taguig.

For honest-to-goodness tea + coffee concoctions in cheerful place,  True Blends has become the hottest pick among the coolest people.
Coffee / Non-Coffee Blends

1. Espresso
  • Espresso PhP55
  • Espresso Machiato PhP65
  • Espresso Con Panna PhP70
  • Americano PhP65
  • Latte PhP75
  • Cappuccino PhP75
  • Mocha PhP85
  • White MochaPhP85
  • Caramel Mocha PhP85
  • Caramel Latte PhP85
  • Caramel Vanilla Latte PhP100 / additional syrup PhP25
2. Non-Coffee
  • Berry Yoghurt small PhP85/medium PhP95
  • Green Tea small PhP85/medium PhP95
  • Caramel small PhP85/medium PhP95
  • Chocolate Cream Chip small PhP105/medium PhP115
  • White Chocolate Cream Chip small PhP105/medium PhP115
  • Vanilla small PhP115/medium PhP125
  • Strawberries and Cream small PhP115/medium PhP125
  • Butterbeer small PhP125/medium PhP135
Milk Tea Blends
  • Royal Milk Tea grande PhP50/venti PhP50
  • Jasmine Milk Tea grande PhP50/venti PhP50
  • Milo Float grande PhP60/venti PhP70
  • Hokkaido (black sugar) grande PhP60/venti PhP70
  • Chocolate grande PhP65/venti PhP75
  • White Chocolate grande PhP65/venti PhP75
  • Caramel grande PhP65/venti PhP75
  • ChocNut Milk Tea grande PhP60/venti PhP70
  • Black Caramel grande PhP70/venti PhP80
  • Caffee (caramel+coffee) grande PhP80/venti PhP90
  • Holy (almond) grande PhP80/venti PhP90
  • Peppermint grande PhP80/venti PhP90
  • Choco-mint grande PhP80/venti PhP90
  • Taro-Taro grande PhP80/venti PhP90
  • Iceberg (with ice cream) grande PhP80/venti PhP90
Green Tea Series
  • Jasmine grande PhP45/venti PhP55
  • Green Apple grande PhP55/venti PhP65
  • Lychee-Nata grande PhP55/venti PhP65
  • Berry Green Tea grande PhP55/venti PhP65
  • Honeydew grande PhP55/venti PhP65
  • PassionFruit grande PhP55/venti PhP65
  • Peach grande PhP55/venti PhP65
  • Mango grande PhP55/venti PhP65
  • Peach-Mango grande PhP55/venti PhP65
  • Yakult grande PhP80/venti PhP90
Cheese Cloud
  • Green Tea  grande PhP70/venti PhP80
  • Earl Grey grande PhP80/venti PhP90
  • Caramel grande PhP90/venti PhP100
  • Dark Chocolate grande PhP90/venti PhP100
  • White Chocolate grande PhP90/venti PhP100
  • Strawberry grande PhP90/venti PhP100
  • Blueberry grande PhP90/venti PhP100
  • Coffee Latte grande PhP90/venti PhP100
  • Oreo Dark Choco Cheese grande PhP100/venti PhP110
  • Oreo White Choco Cheese grande PhP100/venti PhP110
Fruity Milk Tea
  • Strawberry grande PhP60/venti PhP70
  • Passionfruit  grande PhP60/venti PhP70
  • Wintermelon  grande PhP60/venti PhP70
Franchise Information
Franchise Fee : 
  • STORE : P300,000.00
  • STALL : P200,000.00
  • CART : P150,000.00
Inclusive of :
  • Trade Name and Proprietary marks
  • Site approval
  • Training for Franchisee and staff
  • Opening assistance
  • Operations Manual on loan Research & Development
Think you got our love for tea and our passion for coffee?
Here’s how to join us:
  • Email us a letter of intent together with your brief resume at Please include a vicinity map of proposed site with landmarks.
  • Give us time to evaluate what you submitted and then we will invite you for preliminary meeting.
  • We will discuss to you our marketing kit and make you answer few confidential questionnaire.
  • We will show you our Franchise Disclosure Information.
  • If you are ready, you can now sign our Franchise Agreement.
  • The shop set-up and staff t training then commence.
  • And pretty soon, you cut the ribbon and open shop.
Mobile(632) 622.7148 , 0917.884.5566
Information as 28 ตุลาคม 2020 
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