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Taco Bar
“A Fast Casual Tex Mex concept”
The idea for Taco Bar was born in the early 1980's in Hawaii where Swedish food enthusiast Peter, one of the founders, had his first taco. It was also here that he met his wife-to-be Judy, born and raised in Los Angeles and well acquainted with the Tex Mex kitchen.

Back home in Sweden again, Peter, Judy and their friend Håkan started test-cooking dishes, trying out different ingredients and scouting for locations for their very own Tex Mex restaurant in Stockholm. On March 5th 1983, the first Taco Bar opened its doors in the Kungshallen food market in central Stockholm (it is still there...). Guests flooded in to try the exotic Tex Mex dishes and soon another restaurant was opened, and another and another... 

At Taco Bar you are met by a relaxed atmosphere, tasty Tex Mex food and a warm and personable service.

Our idea is to offer Tex Mex food without the wait in the name of Taco Bar, and our restaurants are predominantly run as franchises.

To make sure that our guests always know that they are visiting a Taco Bar, we build our brand around three cornerstones: menu, service and atmosphere.

At Taco Bar, flavor is key. We work only with excellent ingredients from handpicked producers. For example, we import our own nacho chips and tortillas from the US. And our tasty guacamole comes directly from an area in Mexico called Uruapan Michoacán.

Several of our restaurants have liquor licenses, so at Taco Bar you can also enjoy an ice-cold Corona, a glass of wine or why not a Frozen Margarita? Alcohol is not a must, there are also Taco Bars without alcohol.

We want Taco Bar to be an easy and affordable way of socializing over a meal or a drink, during the day as well as in the evening.

We are serving classic Tex Mex food like Soft and Crispy Tacos, Burritos, Nachos, Quesadillas, Enchiladas, Salads and more.

We will be with you all the way, from the writing of the contract, picking the site, building the restaurant and training your crew. And of course we will follow you and your Team during the Grand Opening process, the weeks after and all the years that will come.

Taco Bar has a specific and detailed Operational Process that will help all the restaurants to be evaluated during a year. Our cornerstones that we constantly will monitor very carefully are Cleanliness, Quality and Service.
  • Taco Bar is placed in the expanding restaurant segment Fast Casual where you could enjoy a good meal at an affordable price in a cool and relaxed atmosphere.
  • You will join a Concept and a Team with more than 30 years of proven track record and experience from the restaurant industry.
  • Compared to Fast Food or Casual Dining restaurants the initial investment to build a Taco Bar is lower.
  • At Taco Bar you don't need highly qualified chefs our highly qualified service personal, you will train the crew yourself according to our Manual.
  • The Operational procedure and the concept are very easy to understand, to learn and to execute.
  • Taco Bar is looking for Investors that have a proven track record of running either restaurant or retail business. The investors need to have a G&A organisation that will be able to support the restaurants with general business administration, Supply chain and marketing.
  • The investor needs to be able to build a strong Operations Team that will support all the Taco Bars within the Market.
  • The Investor needs to feel passion about the brand and to be proud of the food and restaurants that he will invest in.
ContactTaco Bar
Sveavagen 108, 113 50 Stockholm, Sweden
Information as 14 May 2019 
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