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We strive to make every day delicious for everyone.
Since 1970, Seattle's Best Coffee has been satisfying coffee lovers' demand for great coffee, fueled by the simple notion that everybody deserves a more enjoyable coffee experience.

1970s :
  • Smooth roasting begins on Seattle's Pier 70 at the Wet Whisker with a 12-pound roaster purchased from a beachside peanut vendor in Southern California.
  • Seattle's famous Pike Place Market returned to public hands after initiative created a historic preservation zone.
  • Lava Lamps make drinking Seattle's Best Coffee® at night way cooler.
  • Henry the Cat arrives at our doorstep. Not only does he become our mascot, but a special blend is created in his honor.
  • Disco. Seattle's Best Coffee® helps people dance and establish unforgettable, albeit embarrassing, memories
1980s : 
  • Numerous Wet Whisker cafes continue to open in the Pacific Northwest and one in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.
  • The roaster on Pier 70 is moved to Vashon Island.
  • Wet Whisker is renamed Stewart Brothers Coffee.
  • Flavored coffee lineup introduced.
1990s : 
  • Stewart Brothers Coffee is appropriately renamed Seattle's Best Coffee, after winning a local competition.
  • Grunge sweeps the nation. Plaid worn by all to mask coffee spills while crowd surfing.
  • Dream Team dreams of gold. And Seattle's Best Coffee.
  • Internet established. Millions gain access to
  • Y2K hits. Seattle's Best Coffee completely unaffected (along with the rest of the world).
2000s : 
  • Seattle Coffee Company is acquired by Starbucks Corporation, including Seattle's Best Coffee and Torrefazione Italia Coffee®. Seattle's Best Coffee hits the grocery store.
  • Seattle's Best Coffee and Borders Books and Music® announce a licensing agreement to open Seattle's Best Coffee cafesin existing and new Borders stores.
  • Seattle's Best Coffee becomes the second largest roaster, retailer and wholesaler of specialty coffee in the U.S., based on points of distribution in retail cafes, foodservice accounts and where you buy groceries.
  • Seattle's Best Coffee opens 10 new drive-thrus in Dallas bringing unbeatably tasty combos and on-the-go deliciousness to Texas.
3000s : 
  • Seattle's Best Coffee opens cafes on the moon. Announces plans to expand to entire solar system.
  • First Seattle's Best Coffee-powered spaceship orbits earth.
  • Milky Way renamed Seattle's Best Coffee Vanilla Iced Latte w/Milky Way.
  • Henry the Cat's 9th clone turns 500.
Menu :
  • Brewed Hot Coffee
  • Classic Hot Latte
  • Hot S'mores Mocha
  • Iced S'mores Mocha
  • Frozen S'mores Mocha
  • Frozen Caramel Latte
  • Hot Mint Chocolate Chip Mocha
  • Iced Mint Chocolate Chip Mocha
  • Frozen Mint Chocolate Chip Mocha
  • Hot Caramel Candy Latte
  • Iced Caramel Candy Latte
  • Frozen Caramel Candy Latte
  • Hot Hazelnut Creme Latte
  • Iced Hazelnut Creme Latte
  • Frozen Hazelnut Creme Latte
  • Hot Birthday Cake Latte
  • Iced Birthday Cake Latte
  • Frozen Birthday Cake Latte
  • Hot Vanilla Latte
  • Frozen Vanilla Latte
  • Iced Vanilla Latte
  • Brewed Iced Coffee
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