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With increasing competition and realization that overall development of children is key to their long-run success in career, there is a growing trend towards availing unconventional and extra-curricular education, abacus coaching being one of the favorites. Not only does it provide children with opportunities to enhance intellect, it presents a great business opportunity to aspiring entrepreneurs!

You do not have to be a qualified teacher to impart abacus education and benefit from the growing interest in abacus training. Within months of starting, you are likely to be able to build a very successful business that has high income potential and ensure high returns on your initial investment.

The Abacus education pioneer in India, Sankhya Abacus Education Pvt. Ltd. offers a business opportunity that is not only profitable, but feasible in the first place because the franchise models require a low investment initially. Becoming an Abacus franchisee means you are able to be your own boss, working with a popular and sought after service which caters to children of all age groups (4- 14 years). Hence, this is a long term business opportunity that offers franchisees financial freedom in the shortest possible time.

Further, it is a gratifying experience as the business of imparting education has a noble cause! SANKHYA ABACUS, the most sought after name in Abacus education, provides all new franchisees with training in technical as well as business areas. They provide guidance to set up a workable business plan and by putting in just a little effort and some investment; you can start earning money right away.

However, you must understand that owning an Abacus franchise means that you have to work with planning and dedication in order to be successful and make money. The Abacus franchise opportunity offered by SANKHYA ABACUS is a genuine business opportunity and not a "subscribe now, do nothing, and get rich" scheme.

Abacus is a technique that helps students to make accurate and fast arithmetic calculations. The system stimulates both the left and right side of the brain to improve memory, concentration, creativity and visualization. This is achieved by means of a scientifically designed brain development technique which enhances the effectiveness of the human brain.

If the Abacus education franchise opportunity offered by SANKHYA ABACUS interests you, and you would like to introduce this training in the area where you live, contact us today!. There are three different franchise models available, and we will be more than happy to discuss these with you.
Sankhya Abacus Education Pvt. Ltd. 77, kanwar nagar, behind chandi ki taksal Hawamahal Road, Jaipur-302002
Mobile+91-9887300240, 9785119001
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