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In STC, we recognize that education is a life-long process and that the first step in embarking on that long journey is the most crucial one. As such, in order to provide a well-balanced and solid educational foundation for every child, we will assist students to become responsible citizens both through personal development and their awareness of being members of a community in which they can grow intellectually, physically, spiritually and morally.
45,000 THB (Thailand)

Pusat Asuhan dan Tuisyen /Tuition and Day Care Centre

1.Principal training programme

2.After joining the STC, a comprehensive and intensive training programme will be provided:

a)  Leadership skills
b)  Staff Management skills
c)  School Syllabus Analysis
d)  Communication Skills with students and their parents
e)  Branch Administration Skills
f)   Children's Psychology
g)  SWAT Analysis ¨ Strength , Weakness , Advantages, Disadvantages Analysis ( Includes analysis of students' results , food nutrition class , safety etc )
h)  Other on-going training programmes

3. Other supports :

Legal, finance, accounting, advertising, marketing, renovation, teaching skills, IT knowledge, latest education aid materials etc.

4. Teacher Training Programmes 

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STC Franchise
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