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Doutor Coffee
Doutor Coffee (株式会社ドトールコーヒー) is a Japanese company that specializes in coffee roasting and coffee shop franchising. It was founded by Toriba Hiromichi.

We began our coffee roasting and wholesale operations in 1962 and started developing the Café Colorado chain in 1972. Since opening the original Doutor Coffee Shop in Harajuku as Japan’s first self-service coffee shop, we have developed different shop styles to meet the diverse tastes of customers, including Excelsior Caffé, Olive Tree, Mauka Meadows and Le Café Doutor.

-To provide peace of mind and vitality through a delicious cup of coffee.

With the belief that this statement expresses the mission of the coffee shop industry, we will continue to pursue excellent quality and service and to create attractive shops.

To maintain premium quality for our customers, Doutor directly manages all business operations, from producing and procuring coffee beans to roasting, wholesaling, and retailing.

We have gained the support of countless customers by providing a wide range of coffee-related products and services in various shop settings.

1,100 Branches
ปัจจุบันประเทศญี่ปุ่นมีกว่า 1,100 ร้านค้า ในอนาคตเป้าหมายของเราคือ 3,000 สาขา

Sum Branch1,100 Branch
In our franchise business, we continued our aggressive drive to renovate shops and completed renovations at 52 directly operated shops and 73 franchise stores, for a total of 125 shops.

In addition, as a strategy for raising profitability at our existing shops, we endeavored to enhance the appeal of our shops, products and people by developing seasonal products, offering training for shop staff and promoting the separation of smoking and non-smoking areas. As a result, sales of directly operated shops increased 0.3% compared with the previous fiscal year.

We will continue our efforts to develop products that meet the deeply held expectations of our customers.

This is the pioneer in self-service coffee shops, which are now a part of many people's daily routine. We take pride in our outstanding capability to attract customers and generate profits as the leading chain, serving the widest range of customers in the industry.

ContactDoutor Coffee Co.,Ltd.
10-1 Jinnan 1-Chome Shibuya-Ku 150-8412, Tokyo 151-0041
Mobile+81 3 5459 9008
Information as 17 พฤศจิกายน 2020 
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