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OneNTwo Chicken
OneNTwo Chicken - korean style chicken brand chicken restaurant

Enjoy variety
In Onentwo Chicken we are serving two different types of chickens that are deep-fried chicken or Oven Roasted chicken, and customers can enjoy various types of dining includes just chicken and beer. 
Onentwo Chickens; menu offers two different types of chicken, deep fried or oven roasted. Customers can enjoy variety dining options or keep it simple and order just chicken and beer. 

Unique flavor
Onentwo chicken is marinated at a low temperature with select herbs and vegetables and aged giving unique flavor and texture, our chicken than is cooked using our special technology at a high temperature at a under high pressure for a short period of time. This is called pressure frying and produces the onentwo chicken unique flavor and texture.

OneNtwo Chicken Success strategies
  • Use young chicken which is thirty five days old  : We use young chicken which is thirty five days old. So, it has good taste and texture.
  • Veggies in Low Temperature Ripening  : We use the low temperature cellars for ripening chicken with many vegetables which     are onion, garlic, and so on. It affects people feel  healthier when they eat our food.
  • Three Methods for Good Tasted OneNTwo Chicken
    • Frying style : very short cooking time with High temperature and pressure. It makes chicken have better favor and smell.
    • Original powder : it makes better textue and juicy chicken.
    • Frying oil : Our frying oil is made of corn. It is good for making more crispy chicken.
  • Recommended ten extra menu
    • Customers can make their own menu with the extra menu.
  • Four minutes cooking time
    • It  takes four minutes for serving foods. It is one of  the biggest advantages for store owners.
    • It helps customers can eat fast and then, leave. So, the shop can server more people.  
CompanyTHE COPE Co.,Ltd.
ContactJang Mi Rim
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