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The Coffee Club
As one of Australia’s fastest growing franchise groups with over 150 stores throughout Australia and New Zealand, we have a long history of success since first opening our doors in 1989. When you join our winning team you can be confident you’ll receive training and support from our experienced team of consultants..
350,000 THB (Thailand)
In 1988, our founding directors, Emmanuel Kokoris and Emmanuel Drivas were out searching for a late night cup of coffee, and not just a coffee, a good coffee. After an unsuccessful journey and hours of chatting, they decided to create a place where Australians could meet within their local communities at hours that suited them, and of course, drink great coffee.

1989 saw the opening of 'The Coffee Club' in Eagle Street Pier on the banks of the Brisbane River. The two Emmanuels' goal from the outset was to provide great coffee, quality food, superior service, affordable prices and above all, to create a relaxed and stylish meeting place. They worked hard and The Coffee Club was an instant hit.

Today, The Coffee Club numbers over 150 outlets throughout Australia & New Zealand, many of which boast The Coffee Club Cafe Bar Restaurants, offering table service and a wider choice of alcohol and meals.

Whether you'd like breakfast at 4 o'clock in the afternoon or you'd prefer to have lunch well after the sun has gone down, The Coffee Club is the right place. When the question 'Where will I meet you?' is asked, the growing answer is 'The Coffee Club'.

The Coffee Club's Espresso is more than just your average cappuccino, cafe latte or flat white. We've taken years to perfect our mixes of the world's finest coffees. It is a mix we call The Coffee Club designer blend.The journey begins in the rich volcanic soil of the world's tropical highlands where the finest coffee beans are grown.

After harvest, strict quality control measures are implemented during the roasting process to ensure the beans have the same right, fine aroma every time. We freshly grind the coffee for every cappuccino, short black, latte, in fact - every coffee we pour. All that's left is for you to relax and enjoy The Coffee Club for its excellent coffee.

150 Branches
Sum Branch150 Branch
Set Up Costs
The initial set up costs for a franchise with The Coffee Club start from $350,000 plus GST depending on whether your franchise is a Kiosk, Club or Cafe.

Number of outlets — 150
Investment required — from $350k to $550k approx
Training — Comprehensive training program covering corporate topics and in store training
Franchise Fee — 6%
Marketing Fee — 2%
It's a well-documented fact that franchise businesses are far more likely to succeed than stand-alone ventures. But what makes The Coffee Club franchise system better than others?

We are constantly refining the way we go about our business. To us, the days of the 'Big Brother' head office are over. We have developed a business model where franchisor and franchisees work together to create, wherever possible, an even better enterprise. It's a comprehensive system that is firmly grounded in the principles of contemporary business planning. As we strive for 'best practice' in the retail hospitality sector, we focus on what we call The Six Building Blocks of The Coffee Club Franchise System:
  1. Mission & Core Values
  2. People
  3. Marketing
  4. Operations
  5. Property
  6. Financial Management
Franchisees are trained in each of these areas using teaching methods which emphasise 'learning by doing' and detailed manuals developed by the company. As a franchisee, a team of consultants will be available to support you. Members have been hand picked on the basis of their retail hospitality experience coupled with tertiary training.

The Coffee Club franchise system is really all about the benefits that flow when like-minded people work together to achieve favourable outcomes. While our key responsibility as franchisor is to build The Coffee Club brand, we are committed to considering franchisees' needs.

Ultimately, however, everything we do, we do in our customers' interests. That's why they choose to meet at The Coffee Club in the first place.

The Coffee Club is rapidly becoming one of the country's best recognised brands in hospitality. We are dedicated to becoming a leader in the Australian & New Zealand Franchise industry. Our consultative franchise systems, contemporary organisational design and hospitality expertise can become the building blocks of your own success.

Of course, there are other requirements - a commitment to excellence, a thirst for knowledge and a passion for hard work. Training is also an essential part of the mix. We offer our "Six Building Block" program, a business development course which has proven tremendously successful for all our franchisees.

The journey is an exciting one: A fulfilling career managing your own franchise with The Coffee Club. And we trust the information provided here will help you to make this most important decision.
ContactThe Coffee Club Corporate Office
336-338 Montague Road, West End Qld 4101, Australia
Mobile+61 7 3010-3000
Fax.+61 7 3844-2551
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