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Delta Franchise System
Delta Franchise System is a premium franchise-consulting firm in Malaysia offering various services to prospective and existing franchisors as well as   franchisees.  

More than a typical franchise-consulting firm, DFS is probably the only franchise consulting firm offering franchise management (more on this in Services) in this region and possibly the few in the world.

We have been involved with franchise management since our establishment in 1992. Our 'hands-on' exposure ensures that our franchise programs are applicable and tested -- not purely conceptual.  
Our services, which are typically tailored to meet the requirements of our clients are in three categories : 
  • franchise development - preparing businesses for business format franchise; 
  • franchise management - implementing franchise programs and running the franchise network; and, 
  • franchise advisory services - ad-hoc and supplementary services or programs. 
Other services in franchising & licensing include
  • legal services - preparation of agreements & due diligence; 
  • intellectual property management; 
  • training & coaching; 
  • national framework & strategy development; 
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No.2, SS 20/3 Damansara Utama 47400 Petaling Jaya Selangor Darul Ehsan
Information as 29 January 2021 
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Delta Franchise
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