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MaggieMoo’s Ice Cream & Treatery®
The Best Ice Cream in America*
33,000 THB (Thailand)
Founded in 1989 in Kansas City, Kansas, MaggieMoo’s quickly became a local legend for its high quality, fresh-made ice cream available in a wide variety of flavors. MaggieMoo’s International, LLC purchased the Kansas City stores from the original owners in 1996. MaggieMoo’s soon began franchising across the country, with new ice cream products and flavor innovation, taking great care to build a superior brand positioning in the marketplace without sacrificing the quality and superior taste.

In February of 2007, NexCen Brands, Inc., acquired MaggieMoo’s with nearly 200 Treateries. NexCen is one of the world’s leading brand management companies. From a franchisee standpoint, NexCen plans to make all concepts stronger and more profitable with the ability to leverage product purchases and by merging similar business development processes and systems to achieve greater efficiency. By significantly reducing these operating and development costs, resources can be used more efficiently for product development, research and marketing. There has never been a better time to join the MaggieMoo’s ice cream franchise family.

MaggieMoo’s has been America’s family favorite ice cream from its very start. How could it not be when we use only the freshest ingredients we can find. Our ice cream is made with a superior, high quality mix, creating a smooth, creamy textured ice cream like none other. Made fresh in our Treatery daily means you’ll never see distribution stress or ice crystals. Ice cream just doesn’t get any fresher.

More than just ice cream, MaggieMoo’s specializes in creating a fun experience for the kid in all of us. Not only do we naturally attract families with kids, we have a wide variety of customers of all ages that flock to our counter for our premium ice cream. Our famous hand-folded mix-ins are prepared on a frozen granite table – our guests love to ooh and ahh as we add their favorites into our super delicious ice cream and mix it to perfection. With over 50 flavors there’s a lot of mixin’ and matchin’ to create that one-of-a-kind MaggieMoo’s treat. We also have a line of real fruit smoothies, fresh-made sorbets, deliciously creamy milkshakes and moovalous sundaes. But the real icing on the cake is our unparalleled variety of cakes including a one-of-a kind delicious Truffle cake line and our famous, first ever ice cream cupcakes you eat with a spoon!

*Recipient of the National Ice Cream Retailers Association’s Blue Ribbon Award of Excellence for several of our core flavors throughout the years.

What is the franchise fee?
A $33,000 fee accompanies the first store agreement. Once in our system, the fee for additional stores is discounted to motivate growth depending upon your individual growth plan.

Are there monthly fees as well?
Yes, as with any franchise business, monthly royalty payments are assessed. The monthly royalties are as follows:

Single and multiple stores:
Six percent (6%) of gross sales are paid monthly and two percent (2%) of gross sales is contributed to a National Marketing Fund. This fund provides public relations support, in-store point of purchase materials, product development, website development, local store marketing tools, etc.

What are the financial requirements?
It costs between $225,000 and $375,000 depending upon size and location to open and operate a store. We look for individuals with a net worth of over $200,000 and liquidity of at least $60,000.

Do I need previous food experience to get a MaggieMoo’s franchise?
Experience is helpful, but it’s not necessary. We have a complete training program at our new state of the art NexCen University.

We support our franchise brands with our new NexCen University training program. NexCen U offers state-of-the-art technology and training that is structured to make learning exciting and fun. NexCen U courses are drawn from the knowledge of our best-of-class management team with in-depth understanding of franchise systems.
Meet Miss Maggie Moo – more than just our company spokes-cow, she is the heart and icon of our brand. Her lively, energetic and fun personality is brought to life in each and every MaggieMoo’s location, with bright, colorful décor that screams fun for kids and brings out the playful child in all of us. Each store uses Maggie’s favorite bright colors of magenta and teal – her signature wardrobe style as Miss Maggie always steps out in public with a larger-than-life presence wearing her cow- spotted dress and signature blue pearls! The interiors are speckled with playful cow spots to further magnify the fun personality of Maggie and our brand, so you can’t help but have fun with every visit.
ContactMaggieMoo’s Ice Cream & Treatery®
1412 Oakbrook Dr. , Ste 100, Norcross, GA, USA 30093.
Mobile(877) 639-2361
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