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The Kebab Shop
“A UK style donner kebab experience”
Anyone who has been to the UK will know that the donner kebab is a huge street food phenomenon, and any venue that serves it is commonly referred to as a kebab shop. The UK donner is served in various forms, the most famous of which are in a pita, on an open naan bread, with fries, or as a wrap. The most prestigious and sought after venues, will only serve donner that is prepared by their own in-house skilled chefs, using only the highest quality meats and chicken.

The Kebab Shop (TKS) was opened in Dubai as a family business back in 2009, in the Discovery Gardens area of Dubai. Right from the outset it was decided that we would be producing our own donner right here in Dubai, using age old recipes from the oldest and most celebrated establishments in the UK. The challenge was to take a product that was notoriously unhealthy and regarded as a 'junk food' and to completely overhaul it to provide a nutritious and healthy kebab, without compromising on taste. We decided that we would use only fresh Australian lamb (sourced locally), rather than a mix of veal, beef and other frozen offcuts that are commonly found in 'production line' kebabs. To further trademark our taste, we resolved that we would not add anything to our kebab except our secret blend of spices. The result was astounding, and from the moment we opened our doors it was clear that we had a product that would take the market by storm. 

The Kebab Shop (TKS), is the only place in the UAE where you can get an authentic British style donner kebab 'without the added junk'. 

No kebab shop experience is complete without a strong grill menu and a range of authentic British curries. We have therefore developed an equally uncompromising grill and curry menu to satisfy even the most daring taste buds. Our philosophy to use only fresh ingredients extends throughout our whole menu and is at the core of our vision and values; to provide good wholesome food. We even produce our own sauces (mint sauce, garlic mayo, chili sauce) to further enhance the experience and cater for individual preferences.

We have spent the last five years perfecting our products and our policies and now have a complete package that is ready to be launched as a franchising opportunity that promises to deliver on its obligations. 

The TKS brand is identified by the rotating donner icon and you can now find it in 5 home grown locations in Dubai and the Northern Emirates. Each branch is testament to the evolution of the brand and everything from the interior design to the food is engineered to add to the kebab shop experience.

Our R&D chefs and business development managers are constantly working to improve our menu and enhance our policies to provide even better quality food and even more superior service.
  • We use only locally sourced fresh lamb, chicken and vegetables.
  • We produce our own lamb donner right here in the UAE.
  • We promote healthy eating/living with a philosophy of 'no added junk'.
  • All products (donner, grill items, sauces) produced locally in our central preparation facility, allowing easy distribution.
  • Fresh bread prepared on demand, in each location.
  • 5 homegrown/selfowned locations as testament to the success of the brand.
  • Tried and tested menu that has been engineered with high yielding products and fast-selling lines.
  • Fusion of donner, bbq grill, curries, desserts and shakes to enhance profitability and menu variety.
  • Franchised outlets already opened in Abu Dhabi.
  • Urban style decor with a strong focus on natural materials.
  • Open plan kitchen as standard in each outlet, to create full visibility and invite customer interaction.
  • Customer focused approach to everything that we do.
  • Strong customer following and customer loyalty.
  • We are looking for individuals/companies involved in food service, hospitality and retail industries with a proven track record of managing single/multiple retail operations. 
  • A flair for outstanding customer service and ideally, knowledge of the food business. 
  • Infrastructure to develop the brand in each territory.
Training & Support
  • Final site selection to be approved by TKS.
  • Provision of design and layout specifications and sample board for materials to be used.
  • Selection support will be given to recruit key members of staff for specific roles.
  • The Kebab Shop training team provides comprehensive training for up to 4 weeks for 4 key members in our training store to learn all aspects of the business operations (travel & accommodation expenses to be borne by the franchisee). 
  • One member of the TKS training team will spend 1 week post-opening in the first new franchise branch. 
  • Ongoing monthly support will be provided as and when needed (costs payable by the franchisee).
  • Supply of Point of Sale, Menu Boards, Signage and menus for each store (payable by the franchisee). 
  • SOP manual provided with full list of equipment, furniture and fixtures and fittings.
  • Advice on marketing strategies to launch and promote the brand and outlet in localized area.
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Shop no.1 - Zen Cluster - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
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