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Ice Una
We are the largest supplier of snow ice in Taiwan. The company owns three brands of snow ice: SWEET RAINDOW, ICE YODO and ICE UNA. There are more than 40 franchised stores in Taiwan. Also, Malaysia,Singapore, Southeast Asia and other countries have established brand agents.

The headquarters has the upstream and downstream know-how integration of ice products and desserts. We provide equipment, technology, raw materials one-stop service. Our customers are more than 500 countries,coaching out a lot of successful brands. We always think about how to reduce the cost and make SOP easier to learn. The unique ice block making technology of natural fresh fruit and fresh milk makes the ice product tastebetter, healthier and more popular among consumers.
Miss Hung, the founder, is a brave single mother. She felt deeply that the food market in Taiwan lacked the healthy ice and dessert. In order to the healthy growth of children, She resolutely put down the clothing business that she had been engaged in 20 years, ended more than 20 direct-sale stores, and returned to the food nutrition undergraduate industry.

Miss Hung specializes in food nutrition that sold desserts in the school district of the National Cheng Kung University. She mainly promoted the concept of health desserts and in-depth study of tremella, agar, beans and snow ice cooking and creative collocation. Many people over the world who consult the snow ice through the official website. It means that the global market for snow ice is huge.

In 2006, Miss Hung founded JK Foods Co., LTD., which focuses on snow ice materials, equipment and technology. Fortunately, a best friend introduced Miss Hung to meet the Japanese refrigeration technology of the old master and design the ice block maker machine. Because the new machine is different from the traditional machine on the use of convenient advantages, so it lets Miss Hung rapid development of the global snow ice business market.

Because of Miss Hung's design talent, whether the ice block maker upgrade, the counter design, food raw material formula research and development, menu creativity, all come from her wisdom. Just a few years, ICE UNA which is the snow ice brand name from JK foods has become No. 1 in the global market.

CompanyJK Foods Co., Ltd.
ContactIce Una
2F, No. 304, Sec. 2, Dongmen Rd., East Dist., Tainan City 701, Taiwan
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Ice Una
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