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Dkore Bukchangdong Soft tofu
Bukchangdong Soft Tofu is the biggest soft tofu franchise in Korea with more than 90 stores at home and abroad. Tofu is widely by customers around the world thanks to its healthy aspects such as abundant minerals and vegetable protein, Hot Pot rice, along with their delicious tofu dishes, is popular among customers, In 2007, master franchise brand Soft Yeon Tofu entered the Taiwanese market, As of 2017 there are 17 direct branches around Taiwan, contributing to spreading the Korean Wave through food.
  • 2001 : Established LA Bukchangdong Soft Tofu
  • 2003 : Agreed on a branch in Beijing, China
  • 2004 : Agreed on the first branch in Nagoya, Japan
  • 2005 : Agree on a branch in Bangkok, Thailand
  • 2006 : Established JBSD
  • 2008 : Concluded a master franchise agreement in Taiwan
  • 2015 : Changed the company name into DKORE
  • 2017 : Launched the Yeon Tofu brand
  • The only company that uses tofu with HACCPP certificate
  • Uses only 100% domesticlly grown Kimchi ingredients (cabbage, red peppers)
  • Uses healthy rice such as embryo bud of rice, brown rice, and black rice
  • Sophisticated Haebarang fast-fermented bean paste, introduced in a famous comic book Siggak
  • Oysters brought from Tongyeong, the oyster producer
24 Branches
Sum Branch24 Branch
ContactKim, Su-yong
11, 308, Sohyang-ro, Wonmi-Gu, Bucheon-city, Gyeonggi Province
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Dkore Bukchangd
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