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เปิดรับนักลงทุนชาวไทย ที่สนใจอยากเป็นเจ้าของร้านอาหารเมนูปิ้งย่าง (หมูและเนื้อ) สุดฮิตจากเกาหลีใต้ ที่เปิดดำเนินการมาแล้ว 9 ประเทศ และขยายแฟรนไชส์อย่างต่อเนื่องทั่วโลก
The cheese fondue is added to the delicious spicy cutlet, creating a new trend of fusion Korean cuisine. Spicy food is a food that can be enjoyed by all ages, young and old, so that they can be liked by consumers and chi...
Noodles Tree was launched in 2006 as a representative Korean franchise restaurant recognized by consumers and professional institutions and now runs franchise business, running more than 500 restaurants in Korea and Chin...
Hankyoung communications, we are a professional restaurant franchise branding company in Korea. We are specialized in franchise branding, franchise business development and franchise operation.We have a several brands in...
The meaning of "Hongik donkatsu""Hong-ik" is a Korean traditional spirit which means "Benefit to all mankind".Literally, Hongik donkatsu is trying to offer setisfection of service and quality to all costumers.
The KC Company is running business named "Kooklove" which is selling Korea traditional cuisine all across Korea. We built a system that can export Korean soup. There are almost 100 menus and they are sold in powder form ...
We are franchise company with “Yadllie Plate” brand which is a healthy Korean chicken brand made of soy sauce, dozens of vegetables and natural ingredients and age chicken for long time.With our accredited and patented t...
The best pork restaurant in Seoul. Thick-cut pork belly (samgyeopsal) is Yukjoen Sikdang’s signature menu, notably for its extremely tender and juicy meat.Though Samgeyopsal is one of the most beloved foods of Koreans, a...
‘Where youth and memories coexist’Rainy sentimental street stallUnique interior designDelicious and affordable beerVarious events and servicesRainy street stall 'Pocha Again' is aninterior 'street stall' restaurant that ...
YUMSEM GIMBAP started as small Bunsik(Korean Snack) eaterly in 2001. In 2006, after sucessfully open 3 more direct managing restaurant, YUMSEM Inc started Franchise business as YUMSEM. Now YUMSEM Inc runs 150 restaurant ...
WTIH IN FOOD Our ValueGuljak Topokki Chicken is a company that spreads happiness to people with food.In a rapidly changing society, food can be a great pleasure for a moment.We put significant value in daily food so that...
Special steam chicken on special day !! Steamed chicken that is familiar to us but gives us the feeling! I refuse to be more ordinary. It is a special promise given to you by taste cheerful steamed chicken, which adds sa...
Most of our favorite gomtang is to eat bovine bones. In the pharmacy book "Bongcheon Gangmok", we help digestion function and supplement bone marrow. If you eat for a long time, you will increase your life, connect broke...
SEYEON FOODS is started its gimbap & snack franchise business in 2002.
Combination of chicken tteokbokki.
OUTDARK is a chicken brand that targets women in their early or mid-20s.
ChirChirNot the usual fried chicken, we provide various chicken dishes under the theme of "delicious chicken" and "fusion chicken factory" in a comfortable atmosphere.New York Night MarketCustomers can enjoy various soul...
We started the brand under the slogan of "Let's eat delicious food in a fun way"Witch's Kitchen provides delicious and fun food on unique plating with its interior motivated by a Halloween theme.
Since its establishment 13 years ago in 2004, BHC Group has been continuously growing with customers.Our slogan is "Communication with customers, speed, and efficiency." We have been focusing on improving the brand rathe...
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