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Bulgogi brothers
Bulgogi Brothers is a Korean restaurant where you can enjoy various Korean dishes in various concepts from traditional to trendy.
  • July,2015 Establishment of Bulgogi Brother as a corporation.
  • Sept,2015 Concluded business transfer agreement on overseas franchise  and merchandise business from Idogam previously ET and Zeus.
  • Dec,2015 Released Bulgogi Brothers Korean beef jerky.
  • Jan,2016 Opened the second branch of Bulgogi Brothers in Bangkok,Thailand.
  • Aug,2016 Released Bulgogi Brothers grilled beef jerky.
  • Sept,2017 Rebranding of Bulgogi Brothers is underway.
  • Oct,2017 Opened the 6th branch in the Philippines.
Bulgogi is a Korean word referring to all types of grilled meat. During the 1950s, grilled meat used to be called ‘Seolyameok’ or ‘neobiani’. When introduced to Japan, Bulgogi became known as Yakiniku. Depending on the recipe, both salted or seasoned meat are considered Bulgogi. 

Bulgogi Brothers is a new Korean food concept restaurant where high quality Bulgogi is served amongst a stylish interior with chic jazz music and sophisticated lighting without the annoyance of smoke. 

The restaurant offers a wide selection from their menu including different types of local bulgogi dishes (e.g. Gwangyang-style and Eonyang-style), grilled Hanu (Korean-bred beef), cold noodles, bibimbap, and stews. Recently, the restaurant has introduced 13 different kinds of traditional liquor leading the efforts to promote quality Korean traditional liquors to a wider audience.

CompanyBeyond F&B
Beyond F&B,2F,Taeyeong Building,10-2,Yeouuido-dong,Yeongdeungpo-Gu,Seoul
Information as 2 ธันวาคม 2018 
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