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My 30 Minutes Personal Fitness Training
“Personalized EMS training at its finest”
My 30 Minutes Personal Fitness Training is a German fitness concept that facilitates personal training services with a Full-Body EMS workout. Electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) or electromyostimulation is the elicitation of muscle contraction using electric impulses. But what does that mean for the client and why even use it?

Through the use of EMS, we are able to offer a much more efficient workout to the clients enabling sessions to last less than 30 minutes... while receiving the same results as 3-4 hours of conventional training. Spending less than an hour the entire week for training affords our clients a more minimal "fitness investment" and still affords them a maximal return. This is possible through the increased activation of muscle fibers during a contraction of over 90%! (2-3 times greater then normal).

Check out the host of benefits that comes with My 30 Minutes EMS PT :
  • The innovative EMS technology to deliver great results
  • Comprehensive 30 minute session one to three times a week
  • Officially Licensed personal trainers
  • Comfortable and Friendly environment
  • Private training room & ensuite bathroom
  • Appointment-based scheduling
  • Personalized short and long term programming
  • Nutritional coaching and support from Day One!
  • Only using top quality German technology - Miha BodyTec
This type of training has no side effects and is not at all dangerous (though some contra-indicators apply) because the impulse acts only on the skeletal muscel tissue alongside normal bio-electric pathways. And due to the decreased stress on the joints, EMS is for everyone! 

But for whom will Full-Body EMS training help to achieve their goals? If these goals are aligned with one the various target groups, then everyone!
  • Muscle Building & Top Athletes - Athletes, Professionals, Military Personnel/First Responders and Fit Individuals
  • Medical Prevention & Rehabilitation - Pain-Management, Recovery and Therapeutic applications
  • Beauty and Weight Loss - Aesthetics (Anti-cellulite), Wellness and Weight-loss
My 30 Minutes is a personal training service and fitness center; one that seeks to empower individuals to look, feel and perform better through safe and effective implementation of EMS technology.

For all successive My 30 Minutes franchises, we offer a range of services to make sure new locations succeed... all aside from the use of an existing brand and proven concept.
  • Trainer recruitment and licensing are two of the most important things when trying to offer such a great unique service, and not to worry; we help you with both of these.
  • Help with marketing strategies and Public Relations advisement
  • Connection with distributors for equipment purchasing and inventory management
Very minimal risk and not a huge initial investment due to the focus on EMS equipment only based around 2-4 main training units
Huge market opportunities especially in the Middle East and generally in major metropolitan areas - based on a growing concept
No need for huge infrastructure and many employees
Simple, but effective business concept that gives you a chance to help people make a change and improve their lives
Very profitable due to the efficient, shorter session with possibilities of booking clients more clients with less trainers every hour
It is our hope to partner with companies and/or individuals who meet the following criteria :
  1. Have extensive background in project development or previous franchising experience.
  2. Have some experience with fitness and/or health companies
  3. Have connections in government or other relevant bureaucratic channels that would aid in the start-up processes
  4. Have a substantial presence in the perspective market, ideally frequenting the area or having had residence there
  5. Are quite health conscious (or willing to make a change!
ContactMy 30 Minutes Personal Fitness Training
Al Wasl Rd Jumeirah 1 - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
Mobile+971 4-385-5353
Information as 8 May 2020 
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