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O Learys Restaurant & Sportsbar
“Casual Dining and Sports Themed”
Preferable experience of restaurant market on the domestic market. 

The Company
  • The Franchisee is to conduct his business in the form of a limited company and employ the services of a chartered accountant. Financial accounting and administration shall be conducted in accordance with established business principles as prescribed by law. The O’Learys Trademark recommends membership of your national hotel and restaurant organization.
  • Franchisee must have significant financial investment possibilities to guarantee successful opening and operation of numerous restaurants.
O’Learys is an informal event restaurant in the style of a Bostonian neighbourhood bar - regardless of where it is located. The customers are offered a complete experience with a combination of sports, American food, a well-defined environment and a friendly atmosphere with music and other forms of entertainment.

O’Learys restaurant & sportsbar is one of Europe's fastest growing casual dining chains. At the moment we are opening approximately one restaurant a month. 

The uniqueness is the sports theme incorporated into a fantastic restaurant environment. O’Learys restaurant & sportsbar story spans over 25 years. Today the chain have over 90 franchise-based restaurants in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Germany, Spain, Singapore, Middle East, China and Vietnam. Net turnover in 2013 was 146 million Euro. 

O’Learys restaurants have a genuine and informal atmosphere based on a complete experience based on food, drink, sports and good service - all in a warm and friendly spirit. Our customers come to eat with the family, to entertain business contacts, watch a game at the bar or to have a few beers with their friends or colleagues. 

The menu includes selected classic North American dishes, Tex Mex and other international influences. The uniqueness of us is that we have managed to incorporate the very successful sports theme into a fantastic restaurant environment attracting a very broad target audience with a high margin concept. It is a real experience visiting us.

Today we have restaurants in about 15 shopping malls, 5 amusement/leisure parks/centers, 35 street locations, 20 airports and train stations and 15 in hotels. Our restaurants are ranging between 300 - 5 000 sqm. 
Corner Stones :
  • O’Learys fills a gap in the established restaurant and entertainment industry - the neighbourhood sports and entertainment restaurant. O’Learys is a natural place to meet. People come to O’Learys to eat watch a game and enjoy a few beers with their friends. 
The Food :
  • O’Learys serves a diverse menu inspired by the North-American cusine with Tex Mex and other ethnic influences. The food is prepared using high-quality ingredients at the same time as it is simple and offers excellent value for money.
Sports, Entertainment and service :
  • The decorating theme is based on a typical Boston bar. It's friendly and relaxed with plenty of things to do such as playing a game of basketball or watching a sporting event. The many pictures, signs and sports memorabilia contribute to the cozy atmosphere.
  • O’Learys is always showing the latest sports events around the world. Sports, music and entertainment are important parts of our concept, as is our décor, TV screens and various events. The service is laidback friendly, contributing to to a friendly and relaxed athmosphere.
Entertainment :
  • The largest O’Learys restaurants are as big as 5 000 square meters and contains entertainment such as bowling, indoor go-cart, mini-golf, table tennis-bars, billiards, simulators and much much more. These entertainment centers are world unique and are a very fast growing segment both down town and in shopping centers.
  • O’Learys is fully manualized and conceptualized all the way from start-up operations to local restaurant marketing. I.e online web training, manuals, recipes, digital system, marketing formats, start-up competence team, area managers, train the trainer system, on-site training, quality instruments etc Training: First Base - a franchisee and key restaurant staff training course held at the O’Learys head office or in the local country. O’Learys area managers and our dedicated Competence team firmly guide franchisees through a series of check points and well-rehearsed on sight training program. Yearly courses for key staff in the restaurants.
Support : 
  • Through our intranet actual information including master agreements, marketing material, manuals etc. O’Learys trademark (OLTM) service office is available for support in order to help franchisees to run a profitable business. Locally we work with our experienced dedicated country/area managers 
  • A unique sports theme incorporated into a fantastic restaurant environment
  • A world unique eatertainment concept with scalable event possibilities
  • A flexible casual dining concept sized from 250 - 5 000 sqm matching to shopping centres, down town, hotels, train stations, airports, arenas etc
ContactO Learys Restaurant & Sportsbar
Centralstationen, Vasagatan 1, 111 20 Stockholm, Sweden
Mobile+46 73-688-1686
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