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Natural desserts/ice creams in a wonderful range and alterations.
Who in the world does not like ice creams? But, ice cream to an ordinary person simply means a little colour, a few drops of essence, some chocolate powder, a little air to make it really fluffy and a few pieces of cherries etc. What an ordinary person remains unaware of is the fact that what he is consuming is neither the tastiest nor a very healthy product. What he remains unaware of is the fact that there is a complete different world of ice creams and desserts that remains to be explored.

Guavaz is a natural ice cream brand with a difference and has no parallel in the market today. The only brand which allows one to sell a wonderful range of products for all seasons. The brand has the power to move from the masses to the classes and become a favourite among the people of all age groups. The brand has the potential to grow from the status of an ice cream parlour to a complete eating joint.

The concept of natural ice creams originated in Maharashtra but till a few years back remained confined only to Maharashtra. ; with the advent of Guavaz, there is now a possibility of this product reaching far and wide so that the whole country may relish them. It's a great business with a great product, the demand of the future, and will outshine much of the existing stuff in the times to come. “The simple and the natural” is the best is going to be the slogan.

The ice cream and all the products have been crafted with great love, devotion and perseverance and are perfect recipes to suit the body needs of the modern day man. Containing only natural ingredients: milk, cream, sugar, fruits/dry fruits, other natural ingredients in traces etc., the ice cream is free of harmful chemicals.

We call our franchisees our co-partners and moresoever we are also open to excellent deals for investors interested in master franchising.

What makes Guavaz system so unique?
We are into ice creams, but that is not the end of it. We sell wonderful chocolates and shakes too. We have that tempting hot chocolate fudge, the rich hot Gulab Jamuns with a scoop of Malai and so on. Hence we are not confined to a particular season or taste.

We don’t simply provide products to our co-partners, we also give them recipes and hence the power to create their own powerful business.

We have chosen a price range that is suitable for all pocket types.
At Guavaz innovations are always on, so no one can say, oh! The same old boring products.

Though the retail chain brand has been launched a year back, we are backed by an experience and research of about a decade. We were earlier into wholesales.

We allow our co-partners to choose a range of investments depending upon their budgets.
Natural ice creams (no chemicals,stabilizers, emulsifiers etc.) Naturally made desserts akin to home made delicacies. Variations of the same.
Franchisee Profile :
  • An entrepreneur who loves to work in the field of natural food products and cherishes the concept of an aesthetic business as a way of making big money. 
  • An entrepreneur who wants to do something different and also earn self-esteem while doing a wonderful business.
  • A businessman who not only wants to do a business but create a business empire which is loved by the people around.
  • A trader who already has a proven track record 
  • A rigorous operator 
  • A person sharing entrepreneurial values: curiosity, dynamism, team spirit and stubbornness
Franchise Facts :
  • Area Required : 80-500 sq ft
  • Investment : Rs. 5lac - Rs. 10lac
  • Franchise/Brand Fee : Rs. 1,00,000
  • Royalty/Commission : 50-60%
Franchisor Support :
  • Site selection assistance is provided
  • Detailed operating manuals for franchises
  • Adoption of all the marks, pictures, the marketing supports, the content etc. designed specifically for the brand
  • Franchisee training will be done at the locations of the franchisees after signing and the minute details ranging from the product knowledge to the marketing strategy will be provided.
  • Field assistance available for franchises.
Benefits to Franchisee :
  • Present IT systems will be included in franchise
  • Great returns on investment ranging from 50 to 100 percent per annum depending upon the magnitude of business and the plan selected.
  • Proven business model for success
20/1059, Co-Operative colony, Kadapa, Andhra Pradesh 516001, India
Mobile+91-7520214605, +91-9568059999
Information as 14 ตุลาคม 2020 
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