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Kathi Junction is the biggest Kathi Roll & Shawarma company selling over 5000 Rolls & 2000 Shawarma everyday. Company has developed its own range of spices, which is used in all our outlets. It is quite different as the ingredients used are different than the routine ones. All our products are blended in our spices which ensures uniformity in the flavours in making of most authentic Kathi Roll & Shawarma.
It all started with a hardcore foodie’s urge to get the best taste rolling on his tongue in everything that he eats. Navneet Sajwan, founder director of Kathi Junction has always been on a lookout for delicious and mouth-watering comfort food from his school days. Kathi Junction is a live example of how this habit turned a strong foodaholic into an entrepreneur.

One day in 2009, an intention to get into the rapidly propagating food industry gave birth to the idea of opening a fast food store. Then began the search for a lip smacking product and after an extensive research, “Kathi Roll” was singled out.

A Kathi Roll has been known to be conceptualised way back in the British era when people wanted to grab a bite of some tasty food while on a go. With time, the product passed on in the hands of chefs from various locations and kept on improving.

An entrepreneur’s USP is always his desire to expand and never stop. Kathi Junction was no different. The success of his first store, led him to think about moving ahead towards the next step.

Gen X has been blessed with taking birth in an era when big fast food joints can be seen all around. It did not take much time for the idea of “Franchising” to lure Kathi Junction. It was a catalyst to his strong yearning of building his concept into a brand.

The offer of lending expertise and helping other entrepreneurs through the Franchisee model was accepted with full heart. Kathi Junction started receiving an enormous number of responses from different parts of the country. The concept of low cost, quality product has always been a hit the minds of the masses in our country. In no time Kathi Junction was able to open 4-5 stores by 2010 through the Franchisee Model. Today Kathi Junction is running at 23 locations with 53 stores and moving ahead with a target of 100 stores by 2015.

The product has always been treasured for its unique taste which is ridden on the shoulders of a combination of different spices from across the country. Offering something which is already there in the market, with a difference led to the process of cherry picking of the best of available spices from various locations. KJ masala, today, is the backbone of the entire Kathi Junction brand.

With economies affecting businesses all over the world, the food industry is also not spared. A few common macro-economic factors, directly or indirectly, affect the growth of industry. In such an environment, an approach towards developing a product which is economical, conducive and value for money becomes imperative. Kathi Junction is a big step towards development of such a product.

The authentic Kathi Roll is a preparation which has the power to mesmerise the taste buds of foodies from anywhere and everywhere in the country. Kathi Junction has outlets covering 16 Indian states and the team is massively working on about 450 queries as of now from all over the country. The company is on a big expansion mode and is currently working on a few Master Franchisee agreements as well which will take the business to a new level.

India is a country where people show drastically different taste patterns from one state to other. Designing a unique food product which becomes equally tempting to the entire mass, is a big art. Greatest of chefs and cooks from across the world will also find it challenging. Kathi Junction can proudly call it an achievement in developing their main product – Kathi Rolls to suit different age groups and communities. Having presence from cities like Kashmir in the north to Tumkur in Karnataka is a proof of that.

Success of any franchisee business model is directly proportional to the relationship between both the parties – Franchisor and Franchisee. Kathi Junction’s low cost model with moderate franchisee fee is a step towards this. Company’s Life time chef management offer for the partners, is in itself a daunting task to accomplish. The versatility of the product has become the USP of the company. People with aspirations from any part of the country can approach to fulfil their entrepreneurial desires. We will hardly be able to find any other such food brand at such a low cost.

In a world of Burgers, Pizzas and other Fast food, Kathi Junction has pledged to take the “Roll” rolling across the world. The journey has begun and it seems sky is the limit.
Menu :
  • Veg Roll
  • Nonveg Rooll
  • Rumali Rolls
  • Kabab's & Tikka
  • Grilled Chicken (Kj's Special)
  • Shawarma
  • Beverages
  • Add On's
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