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Mad Dog Energy
Buzz Bites Have the Power - Buzz Bite chocolate chews give you a full load of serious caffeine and our own energetic nutrients to give you quick energy!
  • A Delicious Chocolate Chew
  • The Lack of Energy is the most common health complaint of adult and with your Buzz Bites, you are helping them nix this problem!
Buzz Bites Chocolate Energy Chews are the perfect complement to the crazy, fast-paced lifestyle Americans live. Millions of Americans every day stop at a coffee shop and blow $6 on a cup of coffee. When they start seeing Buzz Bites around their office place, and know that they only have to spend $0.50 to get the same buzz with no waiting in line and no coffee breath they will instantly start dropping cash in your Buzz Bites vending machines!
What is a Buzz Bite?
  • A Chocolate Energy Chew
  • Contains 25% more caffeine than a Red Bull 
  • Chocolate, Caffeine, B Vitamins, Ginseng, and Taurine 
Hot New Business Opportunity! 234% Return on Investment!

You pay 15 cents per Bite. You charge 50 cents a Bite. You make 35 cents off every Bite!

Imagine the profit after 160 Buzz Bite chews are emptied in each machine. Plus, when you get your own exclusive energy vending route business multiply those profits by 30 machines do the math! Not only are you making your customers happy, but you are saving them over $5 everyday that they would've spent on Starbucks®. You are doing them a favor, all the while owning your own business! )
We are Only Looking for One Person per Area!

We Offer: Locations, Machines and Product
  • Provide 100% natural, long term sustainable energy not found in energy drinks.
  • Have no can to dispose of - they are small, convenient and completely self contained.
  • Contain NO LIQUID - so busy people will not find themselves constantly running to the restroom 1/6 price of an energy drink!
Get Your Own Business!

Selling Buzz Bites out of your energy vending machines is an amazing new business opportunity!
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