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X4Print gives franchise / waralaba opportunity in Indonesia, is a effort of Refill Center under management of PT. Multi Mitra Utama, provides sales and inking refill service and printer toner with quality equal to inking product and original toner. Not only as Refill Center, X4Print also develop the business concept of as Center Knowledge (Education Center) and brotherly Service.

Started in the year 1997 at a period of economics start seen in a tight spot whereas growth of technology cannot be blocked, is three partner joining to become one that is Father of Antonius, Mr. Harsono and Father of Michael intend ran inking business of refill which at that moment the usage of still not yet too recognize by public specially consumer of computer.

Service from the Giver of Waralaba :
  • Tuition early strategy and effort of marketing
  • program of Training for the SDM OF shop ( 5 people : Head Shop, ADM / spg, Inking Technician, Technician of Toner, and Messenger
  • Tuition of Store Operation moment open shop
  • Monitoring on schedule which determined
  • promotion of Marketing together with advertising

Total Investment :

Total Initial Investment     Rp. 127.000.000,-

Details :
  • Franchise Fee  Rp. 50.000.000,-
  • Fixture Toko  Rp. 30.000.000,-
  • Security Deposite  Rp. 7.000.000,-
  • Perlengkapan Toko  Rp. 25.000.000,-
  • Launching & Perizinan  Rp. 15.000.000,-
  • Royalty Fee  5 % dari gross omzet / bulan
  • Standard Ruangan (Minimal)   24 m 2
  • ROI  20 – 30 bulan
  • Margin Profit     60 %

X4 Print Franchise Advantages :
  • Representing one of the Pioner and Pioneer of concept of Refill Center
  • Existence of Tuition Do step and Procedure start business of waralaba X4Print
  • Existence of Total picture of clear Invesment
  • Existence Of Monetary Picture Projection during 5 year pursuant to fact which have walked
  • Existence Of Programs of Tarining to SDM receiver of waralabaExistence Of Support IntensivelyAgenda and continual Programs Promotion to assist the make-up of sale
  • Owning Concept Shop and different Service with Business.
ContactDyah Nurhaidah
Rukan Permata Ancol Blok B no. 8-9, North Jakarta.
Mobile021 – 6414502
Fax.021 – 6402661
Information as 2 December 2018 
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X4 Print
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