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Perfection in education is never attained but the key is to keep improve", said Hjh Qutren. The road was not easy, as there were many limitations but with strong determination she worked hard together with her husband, Mr Azizi Ahmad, the strong team of CIC and supportive customers, they managed to make CIC today as one of a well known Malaysian Brand in the industry.
35,000 THB (Thailand)
n individual with excellent education background has a high self esteem, confident, likes to read, has wide general knowledge, has strong leadership qualities and excellent command of written and oral English. 
When Hjh Qutren Nada Ahmad founded CIC in 1997, her vision was to develop children to have these qualities but believed that it is necessary to Muslim children to be nurtured with Islamic values and cultures from early age so that they will not lose their identity in whatever they do and whoever they will be and wherever they will go in the future, she wanted them to have deep Islamic understanding, if possible later can understand The Quran very well. From that point, she focused on managing the CIC and developed the syllabus and activities that were required to achieve the vision. 

Islam explains the relationship of man with God, with the world and with himself. It also gives attention to explaining the existence and describing the way of life. Therefore to her the first rule in education is to know The Creator and His Expectations to us through the teachings and the traditions of His Last Messenger. Then only, a person can use the qualities he has to live and return to God perfectly.

Pusat Pembelajaran /Children Learning & Development Centre

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No. 32A & 32B, Jalan Diplomatik,Presint Diplomatik, Presint 15,62050 Putrajaya
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