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Cup Bon Franchise
CUP-BON Rolling Ice is an unique and exciting ice-blended light beverages Franchise operation concept with some similarities to Starbucks, Coffee Beans and has elements like the typical fast-food chain such as McDonald and Subways. A professionally designed Pushcart, Kiosk & Cafe concept orientated for the niche market of new & trendy drinkers with a wide range of popular natural flavors. A premium quality drink renowned throughout the Asia-Pacific region.
  • Rolling Ice
  • Milk Tea
  • Snow Ice
  • Pure green and Black Tea
  • With all kind of Pearl Tapioca, QQ Jelly, Yogurt Magic Ball, Mango Jelly and ETC.
A good guide is over RM85,000 – depending on the size of the shop. The funds can be cash at the bank, support from relatives or from a former busines
Cubpon provides training and support for every franchisee.

Prior to opening:

  • Research and assessment of retail location
  • Shop management strategy training
  • Competitive advantage analysis
  • Professional retail design and fit out
  • Machinery and know-how training
After opening:

  • Free monthly deliveries (minimum order)
  • Continuous technical enquiry support
  • Monthly customer service and quality checks
  • Regular promotional support
  • New product development
  • Management information and market research updates
Contact Cup-Bon Sdn. Bhd.
26 GM, Jalan Perdana 5/11,Pandan Perdana,55300 Kuala Lumpur
Mobile+60 3-9200 5888
Information as 2 December 2018 
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