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Mr. Sandless Wood Floor Refinishing
Mr. Sandless is committed to bringing an environmentally safe refinishing to the communities we serve, while providing an opportunity to develop business leaders in those communities. We believe that working together is essential to our continued success. We believe in the Mr. Sandless system, our business model, our owner/operators, suppliers, company employees and having all of these work as one for all of our success. At Mr. Sandless, we have a code of honor that we live by. We will do all things in a professional manner, provide the best and most excellent service we can to our customers and always strive to put our customers first.
7,500 USD (U.S. Dollar)
Mr. Sandless makes refinishing wood floors quick, affordable and painless! There is no mess to clean up, no odors, and service is complete in just hours. We are always less expensive than sanding, and everything we use is kid and pet safe. 

Franchise fee:$7,500.
Minimum cash required:$10,000.
Total investment range:$9,310 - $52,744.
Training: We can teach this to anyone!
  • 5 days at our corporate headquarters for training on real jobs
  • Online training portal—learn at your own pace
  • Database classes
  • Comprehensive marketing plan
Ongoing support: You get it all!
  • E-mail quote systemMr. Sandless Wood Floor Refinishing_3
  • Customer management system
  • Franchisee helpdesk
  • Franchisee knowledge base
  • National toll free numbers
  • North American toll free number system
  • Supply order system
  • Customer zip code locator
  • 24-7 technical support
  • Full marketing plan and vendor contracts
  • National service accounts
  • Corporate lead generation
  • Corporate national advertising
ContactMr. Sandless Wood Floor Refinishing
Information as 29 May 2019 
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