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Sing Your Name
Sing Your Name™ is a distributorship offering a wide range of hugely popular personalized children's products unlike any other company in the world. From our award-winning personalized music CDs to our one-of-a-kind interactive Kids Story Books (Kids Story Book actually reads the story to the child and has their name personalized on every page), to the world's only Sing Your Name alarm clocks and teddy bears, as well as our new range of personalized DVDs that will actually place a picture of the child in a DVD story, our range has something for every child. For simpler tastes, Sing Your Name offers a full line of personalized paper products including personalized name poems and growth charts. No other company provides such a wide selection along with the largest database of names in the world, which is why the world’s largest retail stores like Harrods and Hamleys stock our products!

2,850 USD (U.S. Dollar) was launched in January 2005 as a platform to sell personalized children’s products but expanded in September 2007 to provide personalized musical products online. In 2006, a patent was also filed by the owner for an automatic technology ‘Grab and Go’ to facilitate personalization into mass retail. Sing Your Name is now one of the first online platforms to offer kids’ education and entertainment. It offers 11 non-licensed personalized music albums, 4 non-licensed personalized story books, 4 licensed personalized music albums, interactive story CDs, 3 licensed personalized story books, products in English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish and Japanese language. The stuffed toy collection, personalized growth charts, kids’ safety DVDs, alarm clocks, Care Bears and Marvel superheroes poems are also being offered under the product portfolio.

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Sing Your Name business opportunities start at only $2,850 (with promotional discounts currently available) and come with large quantities of retail ready stock, which will allow you to double your initial investment.)
Sing Your Name offers you many powerful advantages:
  • Recession-proof business that has actually grown through the economic downturn.
  • Fantastic profit margins (make more than 200% minimum profit on our products) made on the back of billions spent advertising the top-selling children’s characters.
  • Low start-up costs and very low re-order costs, with no ongoing royalties and commissions (it’s your business and your profits 100%).Sing Your Name  
  • Training and support from both our US and UK offices.
  • Huge market demand for our products.
  • Very fast return on investment.
  • Our business is permanently evolving, which means your business will too. We are always bringing new lines and products to expand your business (the options are there for you to grow at whatever speed you wish).
  • This business grows virally incredibly quickly, as your customers are your free advertising material (statistics demonstrate that each customer will refer at least 3 additional sales); you will be surprised at how fast your business will grow.
  • Simple business to operate (no computer skills necessary).
  • You don’t need to be a salesperson to sell it (the product always sells itself).
  • Generate instant product recognition by children (recipients) and adults (buyers).
  • Become your own boss – work where, when and how you want.
  • Avoid inventory with create-on-demand products – produce all products in just two minutes – another reason why your customers just can’t say no!
  • Capitalise on the flexibility to set up at shows, fairs, kiosks, schools, website, shops etc. with lots of eager buyers.
  • Impress customers with the ability to instantly demonstrate their name in your portfolio of songs and albums.
  • Generate great publicity with your website/phone number being displayed on every single CD that you sell.
  • Run the business yourself or get others to run it for you.
  • This is probably the most lucrative and fun business to run – making both children and adults smile and laugh is a wonderful feeling while making a very handsome profit at the same time.

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