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koryo korean barbeque

From a single man’s dream to a thriving reality…

Koryo Korean Barbeque, better known as Koryo, is the 'hottest' thing since sliced bread. Sounds like another flash in the pan cliché, but Koryo has discovered a whole new form of dining called Affordable Gourmet™
75,000 USD (U.S. Dollar)

With tantalizing tastes such as juicy BBQ Chicken, savoury BBQ Beef dripping with delicious specialty sauces, and the famous Koryo Jumbo Combo featuring a succulent hunk of everything - you simply can’t resist the temptation! Since conception in 1997 many people including several distinguished food critics have had the opportunity to experience the sizzle of Korean fanfare at this dynamite new enterprise. (Don’t feel left out – another location is destined to open near you soon!)

This restaurant kick started with 3 corporate locations and is reaching the height of its franchising frenzy. Locations currently exist throughout Calgary, Alberta and Vancouver, British Columbia. With potential franchisees knocking at the door everyday we expect to have locations worldwide within the next 5 years (place your wagers!)

Koryo is the place people want to be dazzled by their food, electrified by entertainment – it is where they want to work with finesse and invest with supreme satisfaction.

Koryo – tasting our food is setting a new standard.

BBQ Beef , BBQ Chicken, BBQ Short Ribs , Koryo Steak , Sesame Ginger Salmon , Dumplings , Vegetarian, BBQ Beef & Chicken Combo, Koryo Jumbo Combo , Ribs, Dumplings, Beef, Chicken, BBQ Chicken Salad

Koryo Korean BBQ offers a large selection of side dishes including: Garlic Potatoes, Green Beans, Macaroni Salad

24 Branches
  1. Bay Centre
  2. Park Royal Shopping Centre
  3. Brentwood Town Centre
  4. Capilano Mall
  5. Richmond Centre
  6. Core Calgary
  7. Centennial Place
  8. Deerfoot Outlet Mall
  9. North Hill Shopping Centre
  10. Cross Iron Mills
  11. 5th Avenue Place
  12. Gulf Canada Square
  13. Sunridge
  14. Bower Place
  15. West Edmonton Mall
  16. Southgate Centre
  17. Midtown Plaza
  18. The Centre @ Circle & Eighth
  19. Sherway Gardens
  20. Bramalea City Centre
  21. Toronto Life Square
  22. Upper Canada Mall
  23. Scarborough Town Centre
  24. Promenades St-Bruno Mall
Sum Branch24 Branch

Typical initial investments during the application process for a Koryo Korean Barbeque franchise are as follows:

Phase 1 - $1,000 (Refundable) to release any company information
Phase 2 - $5,000 ($3,500 refundable if you do not move into Phase 3) paid before Issuance of the Franchise Agreement
Phase 3 - $4,000 ($1,000 refundable) upon execution of the Franchise Agreement

Four weeks prior to the commencement date of construction, a down payment for Launch of Franchise of $75,000.00 (plus applicable taxes) has to be paid.

The balance will be a progress payment, and the payment schedule will be provided.

The Total Turn Key Price is around $275,000 to $325,000 plus applicable taxes.

Investment levels vary by location and qualifications of applicant (s) and will be explicitly described once interested parties enter the application process.

Some basic factors which affect your qualification to franchise include: your personal net worth, liquid capital or investment money available, management experience, and credit record.

The most important aspect of qualification, aside from financial availability, is your ability to adopt the Koryo culture or in other words, your business and personal attitude towards franchising. Koryo is a very unique venture which thrives on bringing strong, ethical and conscientious leaders into it’s business circle, or Team.

Upon signing the contract, you will then have the right to use Koryo's trade name, trade marks, logo and style. Koryo's food taste and style are already known and accepted by the public, and therefore profit is foreseeable.

Trainings will also be provided directly from Koryo's head office to all our franchisees. A three-week training session will include one week of in-class or one-on-one lectures, reviewing company manuals; one week of hands-on experience in existing stores, and another week training during grand opening, polishing up any other areas where you may feel challenged. We will also provide our franchisee on-going help and support, and work towards mutual wellness.

Koryo Franchise provides our franchisees the opportunity to obtain the highest potential profit with the least amount of inputting.

Franchising is a great way to do business because a managing body takes care of all the planning and organization of your business and initial costs are minimal compared to starting a business from scratch. However, if you like to have more control over marketing initiatives, menu creation, and operating structure, you may want to consider creating a business on your own, or buying a private business instead. Although there a lot of things to learn in a franchise environment, you will be required to adhere to certain guidelines to secure Franchise integrity.

For many, franchising is the easiest and most rewarding type of business, especially when you enter into a franchise where head office is supportive and truly cares about your interests, ideas, and skills.

ContactKoryo Korean BBQ Franchise Corp.
103-830 Centre Ave NE Calgary, Alberta Canada T2E 9C3
Information as 2 ตุลาคม 2020 
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