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Pets Paradise
Pets Paradise is Australia’s largest chain of retail pet stores, with over 100 locations throughout the country.

Our stores stock a wide range of pet related products, including puppies and kittens, pet foods, toys, grooming tools and so much more. With over $4 Billion spent on household pets per year in Australia, the opportunities to grow your own business is only limited to your imagination and effort.

Paradise Retail Holdings .is the umbrella company for Pets Paradise Pty Ltd, its franchised operations, Warner Bros. Studio Stores, Billy Baxter's Coffee House, British India, and Global Pet Products. Paradise Retail Holdings has its roots firmly planted in Franchised retailing. It's first Pets Paradise Franchised store was established in 1984.

Today we have over 100 retail outlets across mainland Australia both franchised and company owned and operated, and we're visited by over 2 million customers and shoppers each month. Our brands cover the toy and leisure industry, licensing, food and hospitality and apparel, whilst Global Pet Products is one of Australia largest importer of pet related goods.

All of these brands are managed from our Head Office at Hallam, with dedicated teams running the operations of each of the brands Proudly Australian Owned and operated, supporting Australian job
We just love the loyalty and unconditional affection our furry mates give us and we want to give them a lot in return. That’s why Australians spend over 4 billion dollars a year on our pets and pet care products.

Pets Paradise is such a brilliant opportunity to set up your own small business franchise. With over 90 stores around Australia, Pets Paradise has proven time and again that their experience and professionalism brings success.

The Pet Care industry is special. Selling animals isn’t like selling cars or shoes there’s a different level of responsibility. A pet isn’t a present, it’s a life long commitment and Pets Paradise is completely committed to responsible procedures and ethical treatment of animals.

That attitude applies to you, the franchisee, as well. Pets Paradise offers franchisees complete and ongoing training, support from a Retail Development Advisor to ensure best practice compliance, as well as programs and advice on maximising operations, presentation, customer service and sales.

Using franchisee payments, Pets Paradise promotes itself constantly and nationally, reminding customers that Pets Paradise is the pre-eminent pet retailer in the country. There’s a lot more to learn about starting and managing a Pets Paradise franchise and it’s easy to find out more.

For a start visit your nearest Pets Paradise and imagine yourself owning one.

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The Pets Paradise franchise is built on Australians’ love for their pets. Australians have one of the highest per capita pet ownership in the world, with more than 80 per cent of homes having at least one pet. It is therefore no surprise to find that expenditure on pets rates in the top category of total industry sales. More than $4 billion is spent on care for household pets per year. The business of pets is big business, and is one of the top industries in Australia.

Providing for the needs of the pet and pet owner, the retail franchise sells products to enhance the interaction between pets and their owners and improve the quality of life for both. People love their animals and it is not too far removed to suggest that some will spend any amount of money to make sure their pet enjoys the best of everything.

The business of the pet store franchise is designed to cater for the needs of all pet lovers, from those who would spend any amount on their pet, to those who run a tight budget but still see their pet as an important member of their family.

With an enviable position in the retail world, millions of people visit the Pets Paradise franchise stores every week. What visit to the local shops would be complete without kids dragging their parents to see Pets Paradise? The retail franchise has a captive audience every week looking at the product offering.

When you decide to join the pet store franchise, you become a member of the Pets Paradise family. Pets Paradise franchise partners receive continued support to help run their retail pet store and realise its maximum potential.

Retail franchise partners will receive a two week training program to introduce you to the business of pets and Pets Paradise. After this initial training you will receive support from your regional retail development manager (RDM). As your mentor and advisor, your pet store franchise manager will work with you to develop your business skills and ensure best practice compliance across the brand.

The Pets Paradise franchise believes that the most important key to the success of a franchisor is the ability to communicate effectively with franchisees. It enables all to share the retail franchise business vision and contribute feedback on an equal level.

The pet store franchise uses a number of methods to communicate its message to the stores and franchisees. Bi-annually, the Pets Paradise franchise holds a franchisee expo in Melbourne. This is an opportunity to get together, discuss the future and celebrate being part of the retail franchise family.

Our experienced management team provide many services and support for each of the members of our franchise family, including site selection, training, stock management, marketing and more.
Paradise Retail Holdings Pty Ltd is proudly 100% Australian owned and operated, with franchised operations covering a wide range of retail stores in the toy and leisure, licensing, pet goods, and food and hospitality industries, whilst Global Pet Products is one of Australia’s largest importers of pet related goods.
ContactPets Paradise
24 - 26 Wedgewood Road, Hallam VIC 3803 Australia
Mobile+61 3 9796 4853
Fax.+61 (0)3 9796 4545
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