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The DVDNow automated rental kiosk enables entrepreneurs to capitalize on the $20 billion DVD industry by allowing them to participate in this exploding market.
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Automated DVD rental terminals have all but replaced traditional video rental stores in Europe and are rapidly appearing in communities across the United States. DVDNow Kiosks, Inc. has developed the finest automated DVD rental terminal available today. Our terminals provide consumers with a fast, efficient and convenient way to rent the hottest DVD’s and Video Games.

DVDNow is uniquely positioned to assist entrepreneurs build networks of automated DVD rental terminals and ride the wave as DVD terminals take the North American market by storm. Our strategy is to build a nationwide network of DVD automated rental kiosks using a combination of corporately owned and independently operated terminals.
The DVDNow automated rental kiosk enables entrepreneurs to capitalize on the $20 billion DVD industry by allowing them to participate in this soon to explode market. With our program, independent operators are able to establish a network of state of the art DVD rental terminals in locations such as grocery and convenience stores, fast food restaurants and large apartment/condo complexes.

Our model is to focus on the highly profitable and readily available independent or mid-sized chain locations. These locations are for the most part overlooked as the giants of this industry raise tens of millions of dollars to deploy into only the largest of the chains such as McDonald's and Krogers Grocery Stores. Mid-sized chains and independent locations realize the benefits of offering DVD rentals and are turning to DVDNow to satisfy consumer demand.

DVDNow terminals generate revenue through four primary sources.

1. The rental of DVD’s and video games
2. Late fees from overdue movies
3. The sale of advertisements (onscreen and positioned within the DVD jewel case)
4. The sale of previously viewed DVD’s
According to a study by Meridian Consulting Group released in May 2006, retailers across the United States are losing out on a projected $2B-$4B in revenue by not focusing on the front of their stores. These areas are the first and last areas that consumers see on each visit to any store. According to the study, the most profitable item/sq. foot to place in this portion of the store, beyond lottery, cigarettes and all other vending, amusements and attractions, is a DVD rental kiosk. Combine this with a guaranteed return trip when the stores customer comes back to return the video and it is clear that a DVD rental kiosk is the best item you can place in the most underutilized space in your store.

DVDNow automated DVD rental terminals are the perfect solution to help maximize revenue from these typically underperforming areas of any convenience or grocery store. The best part is that we can place this item in your store at no cost to you. You can earn as much as 500--1000 dollars/sq. foot annually on a profit share basis. All you do is supply the space and we will supply everything else.

Did you know that revenue from the sale and rental of DVD’s rose 8% in 2005 to a total of $22.8 billion? Or that in a traditional rental store 90% of revenue is generated from new releases? The remainder of their inventory, potentially consisting of thousands of older titles, only accounts for ten percent of the rental revenue. When you factor in the capital outlay to open a store, the overhead of staff and management, and the high cost of rent in in a well trafficked area, operating a rental storefront can be a daunting task to say the least. Yet, movie rental stores have traditionally been a great business that, through a lot of hard work, have made their owners a substantial income.
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