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My Coffee®
Grab this opportunity to own your own drive-thru coffee franchise and watch your business grow!
Grab this opportunity to be part of three of the fastest growing industries today! You will not only be your own boss, but will receive first class training and ongoing support. You will benefit from our unique brand that offers organic coffees, organic teas, blended coffee drinks, blended ice cream drinks, real fruit smoothies, toasted-to-go™ sandwiches and much more.
My Coffee is built on the use of high quality products, which translate to superior taste! Customers of all ages appreciate the sensation of our organic coffee, smoothies and real ice cream drinks. Our compact custom buildings, designed for speed and efficiency with double drive-thru windows, carry our distinctive branded look and are highly convenient for customers who want to pick up a quick coffee, tea or smoothie on the go. Our tantalizing product offering includes:
  • Classic espresso drinks
  • Freeze-N-Bean™
  • Ice Cream Rush™
  • Real fruit smoothies
  • Organic loose leaf teas
  • Toasted-To-Go™ sandwiches
Total Investment Required:  $103,650 - $466,450.
Training & Support:
We will work closely with you from the beginning of your project with Site Selection, Lease Negotiation Assistance, and Construction Assistance. We will even be there for your opening.

Initial Training:
You will attend our Initial Training Program to give you an overview of operations. During the week long program you will again access to our information for Accounting, Store Operations, Advertisements, Coffee, Tea, HR procedures, and more.

Store Opening Training:
When it comes time for your store opening, we will be right by your side. We will be onsite for up to 5 days helping you with Store Set up, Employee Training, Grand Opening and Daily Operations. Our goal at the end of Store Opening Training is to leave an upbeat, well-trained crew, while helping you fine-tune your skills.

Our Products:
  • Classic espresso drinks
  • Freeze-N-BeanTM
  • Ice Cream RushTM
  • Real fruit smoothies
  • Organic loose leaf teas
  • Toasted-To-GoTM Sandwiches
Our Building Design:
  • National branded look
  • Design for speed and efficiency
  • Double drive thru windows
  • Smaller building foot print
  • Convenient for customers
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