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Bear Creek Coffee
Bear Creek Coffee: Proven to be one of the best Coffee Business investments available! Efficiency, economy and profitability, coupled with superior products, service, and value are the foundation of Bear Creek Coffee’s "It’s a Great Business Opportunity" program. New operators are often inexperienced in the food service/coffee industry. Our licensees receive continuing support, beginning with primary planning and location selection, access to excellent marketing information as well as expert guidance with interior design, build-out and installation.
30,000 USD (U.S. Dollar)
Bear Creek Coffee is a diversified Business Opportunity within the Gourmet Specialty Coffee market.
We are focused on supporting our entrepreneurial licensees toward their goal of achieving outstanding returns on investment. Bear Creek Coffee maintains a strong Corporate relationship with consistent licensee support.

Led by President and founder, Jeremie Johnson, the company’s philosophy is based on fundamental hands-on experience and effort to identify and deliver to a market that continues to show significant growth.

The company was conceived in 1999 when Jeremie opened the first Bear Creek Double Drive-thru operation in Avon, Indiana. The business immediately expanded to 4 units. The next step was the addition of a micro-roasting facility operating under the hands of a skillfully trained Coffee Roast Master.

Working only with "Small Batch Roasting" techniques, we continue the tradition of "Roast to Order" with expedited delivery. Bear Creek offers the freshest and finest coffee products on the market!

As demand grew, a manufacturing faculty took the business to the next level. Under the direction of Senior Vice President Brian Gateway we continue to design/build and project manage our own Drive-thru facilities and fixturing for our Café facilities.

Bear Creek Coffee is a great Business Opportunity. Bear Creek Coffee supplies the drive-thru coffee and café business through our own gourmet micro roasting operation, offering fresh roasted coffee to our licensees. Double Drive Thru Buildings, Café Build outs and Inline stores are our primary retail ventures. We also offer a cost-effective Cart and Kiosk program. Bear Creek Coffee has a program to meet all vending challenges. With our double drive-thru design, this Licensing Company supports the needs of a growing market segment.

A drive-thru coffee business operates at a lower overhead than traditional shops and therefore there are fewer employees needed. Bear Creek Licensees enjoy freedom of choice of "menu and venue" while still being part of a supportive business operation. Bear Creek Coffee is a great Business Opportunity for the first time or experienced operators.

Several restaurants and many commercial operations are supplied by Bear Creek Gourmet Micro Roasted Coffees!

40 Branches
Franchises available throughout the US.
Sum Branch40 Branch
Bear Creek Coffee Cart Programs require a cash investment starting at $39,500 for a fully equipped, working, code compliant Cart . All carts/kiosks are built to order and offer a variety of options. Carts are built to comply with Local Health and Utility codes. All units are expandable by the addition of support carts and other options.

Total Investment Required:
$45,000 - $300,000.

Net Worth Required:
The Bear Creek Coffee Licensee Agreement Provides:

- Assistance with financing
- Assistance with lease negotiations
- Assistance with engineering and permitting process
- Assistance with site improvement
- Assistance with Real Estate discovery and acquisition

Our Training Program
- A forty-hour, hands-on learning experience at your own site. Learn:
the basics
- equipment operation
- the how-to's of drink preparation
- health and sanitation procedures
- marketing and promotion
- managerial skills
- training techniques
A great business opportunity, Bear Creek Coffee supplies the drive-thru coffee and caf business through our own gourmet micro roasting operation, offering fresh roasted coffee to our licensees.
ContactBear Creek Coffee
8372 E. US Hwy 36
Avon, IN 46123
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Bear Creek Coff
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