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Jimano’s Pizzeria
A Jimano's Pizzeria franchise offers a unique investment opportunity for self-motivated individuals who want to take charge of their own future, have financial or business experience and have the ability to create and nurture a team environment. A Jimano's Pizzeria franchise offers quality, home-style products with an outstanding customer service ethic, and a proven production system.
20,000 USD (U.S. Dollar)
Starting my own business took determination, dedication, and the ability to create my own vision on what a great pizza restaurant should be. Now, I invite you to make my success, your success, by offering you an opportunity to own and operate your own Jimano’s Pizzeria Franchise.

One of the fastest growing areas in the food industry today, the pizza segment is a $30 billion dollar a year industry. It is forecast that it will continue to grow in demand and popularity in coming years. Jimano’s Pizzeria has a reputation in the industry as a quality operation with proven business strategies for success.
At Jimano’s Pizzeria , we strive to make the perfect pizza from fresh, hand-tossed dough to the finest and freshest ingredients, offering our customers their choice of ingredients or a selection of specialty pizzas with thin, double dough, deep dish or stuffed crust. Then, we bake it to perfection or as we say, “Perfetto!”
Initial franchise fee (single restaurant): $20,000
Royalty fees: 4% of gross sales
Personal and financial benefits of owning and operating a Jimano's Pizzeria franchise include:

- Be your own boss with the potential to create your own future and job security.
- Provides greater flexibility and independence.
- Provides direct benefits for your hard work.
- Provides greater residual income and greater net worth over time.
- Offers the potential of long-term profit.
- Provides tax advantages of a small business.
You will be supported during your build out and as you get your store up and running. For site selection, we employ a carefully developed site selection strategy to establish your exclusive territory based on information drawn from our most successful stores, including population density, traffic patterns, market statistics, demographics, proximity to commercial and retail centers.

You will receive basic floor plans and specifications that should only require minor modifications to meet local or state codes.

Before opening your franchise, you'll participate in an in-depth 10 day training program at one of our corporate locations in order to learn all aspects of the business. After construction is complete, a corporate trainer goes onsite and works with your employees on the daily operations of your franchise. You will also receive detailed operations, training, product and marketing manuals for reference.
375 S Budler Rd Romeoville, IL 60446
Fax.(815) 577-3333
Information as 8 May 2020 
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