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At Mrs. Fields Famous Brands, our franchise opportunities mean more than just cookies. When you join our franchise family - Mrs. Fields Cookies or Great American Cookies - you have the ability to build on the strength of world-recognized brands. Come enjoy the benefits of years of name-brand recognition, outstanding product development, exciting marketing programs, and a company focused on franchisee success.
25,000 THB (Thailand)
With start-up capital of $25,000 Debbi Fields opened her first store in Palo Alto, California. The Mrs. Fields name quickly became associated with quality, fresh-baked cookies in a retail setting. Consumers quickly showed their approval of fresh-out-of-the-oven cookies. The pioneering efforts of Mrs. Fields Cookies created a significant new market niche that the organization continues to dominate.

The strength of the Mrs. Fields brand name garners a commanding 94% name recognition rate. By joining the Mrs. Fields family you capitalize on a name that is recognized by millions of people around the world.

All our unique and wonderful food products have been developed to meet our obsessive commitment to superior quality and exceptional taste. Our fully integrated product line supports day-long demand for one-of-a-kind baked goods found only at Mrs. Fields.

By becoming a Mrs. Fields franchisee, you will belong to a franchise system that has over 3,000 points of distribution world-wide. You’ll also benefit from our experience in site selection, operational support and research and development.

Mrs. Fields Cookies commenced operations in Australia in the 1980s, as a subsidiary of the Franchisor, Mrs. Fields Cookies of the United States. At that stage, no stores were franchised.

In December 1994, Cookies Australia Pty. Limited acquired the Australian Master Franchise rights to Mrs. Fields Cookies from the United States. Cookies Austalia is proudly a 100% Australian owned company based in Sydney.

  • To become a dominant force in the speciality bakery industry in Australia as Mrs. Fields presently is in the United States 
  • To have the finest quality products, success driven people and to provide excellence in customer service.
  • To be amongst the best and most exciting franchise systems giving special focus to product quality, innovation, store image, customer service and value for money .
  • To be the preferred speciality bakery business amongst property developers and shopping centre management companies. Landlords regard us as a “clean” food business because our baking is not greasy or oily. Our shops have an amazing bakery/ coffee odour. We are the sought after “point of difference” business .
  • To provide franchisees with a fulfilling and profitable business opportunity and to promote the on-going development of our franchisees through structured training and business development programs .
14 Branches
Chatswood Chase, Sydney Central Plaza, Macquarie Shopping Centre, Myer Shopping Centre, Westfield Shoppingtown Carindale, Pacific Fair Shopping Centre, Chadstone Shopping Centre, Melbourne Central Shopping Centre, Westfield Shoppingtown Southland, Watergardens Town Centre, Eastland Shopping Centre, Bayside Shopping Centre, Knox City Shopping Centre, QV Building
Sum Branch14 Branch
The cost of a shop depends largely on the size of the shop and the configuration. Seating areas vary considerably and this also has a bearing on set-up costs.

1. Kiosks and "Shopfronts"
In general terms, these stores will cost between $160,000 to $230,000 to establish. This includes franchise fees and training.

2. Sit down Café Coffee Shop
These are larger and more complicated stores and cost about between $180,000 to $250,000 to establish, depending on the seating configuration. This includes franchise fees and training.

Existing stores, sold by their owners (the franchisee), will sell for market value, ie. based on their performance over previous years.

Initial franchise fee, paid on the purchase of a new store, is decided on a store by store basis. It will be no less than $25,000 and no more than $35,000.

No initial franchise fee is payable on stores sold by existing franchisees. There is an administration fee which covers the costs of evaluating, entering into new agreements, training and supervising the new franchisee.

6% of Gross Turnover.

2% of Gross Turnover.

Mrs. Fields shows its commitment to the site and enters into the head lease with the Landlord. This way, the best possible group deal is obtained. The franchisee is in turn required to enter into a Licence Agreement with the franchisor. Most Landlords require a Rent Guarantee and this must be provided by the incoming franchisee.

Experience with existing stores indicate that a well run business can expect a net operating surplus of between 15% to 22% of turnover.

Mrs. Fields require that franchisees have at least one third of the capital cost of a store in cash or other liquid assets, and do not undertake to borrow more than two thirds. Mrs. Fields will assist you in submitting an application to a financial institution. Mrs. Fields will recommend you to certain institutions that may be able to assist with the financing.

Provision must be made for Insurance, Landlord Guarantee/Bond, Opening Stock, Legal Fees and Stamp Duties. These are not included in the cost of the business.

Step 1:
Learn everything you can about Mrs. Fields. We encourage you to visit our existing franchises, speak to our customers, staff and management. Read the information contained on our website.

Step 2:
Complete the Franchise Application Form. This application addresses your finances and capabilities to purchase a Mrs. Fields franchise as well as your geographical interests. Then submit this form to Cookies Australia either by fax (02) 9999 0231, or by post to: Suite 2A /84 Darley St, Mona Vale 2103

Step 3:
After reviewing your information, you will be contacted by Dennis Polivnick to arrange an initial discussion on the phone or at a mutually convenient location. It is our policy to contact everyone who returns the application.

Step 4:
At this meeting you will discuss various aspects of the Mrs. Fields business. You will also examine and discuss the confidential 'Earning Potential' statements provided by Mrs. Fields, or the actual profit and loss or turnover figures if the store is currently trading.

Step 5:
If you are then still interested in buying the Mrs. Fields franchise, you will be given a Disclosure Document for the franchise you are interested in buying; if it is an operating store, the current franchisee will provide financial disclosure documents for the business. You will be given a 'blank' Franchise Agreement to examine. You will be asked to pay a deposit of $500, which is refundable. Mrs. Fields requires you to get independent legal and financial advice, based on the information provided to you. We require you to sign a statement that you have actually received such advice.

Step 6:
You will be asked to complete a 'Franchise Evaluation' request. You will then go through a process of evaluation with the company to further determine your suitability as a Mrs. Fields franchisee, and to determine the suitability of the Mrs. Fields franchise system for you.

Step 7:
If you are then still interested in buying a Mrs. Fields franchise and have been approved, we will prepare all necessary documentation. You will then be asked to pay a further deposit of $4,500, which is also fully refundable if you proceed to buy the business. If you decide not to proceed with the purchase before training commences, then $500 will be deducted from your deposit to cover the legal and administrative costs of processing the application to date. We will then prepare the Franchise Agreement, the site Licence Agreement, Guarantees and a copy of the Lease. You and your independent advisers will consider the documentation provided by Mrs. Fields (and the franchisee vendor if applicable).

Step 8:
After making your commitment, we will sign the agreement, and you will pay us the full initial franchisee fee or transfer fee which is refundable, less the value of any deposit we hold of yours. You then have a seven day 'cooling off' period after signing in which to rescind the Franchise Agreement. If you then decide not to proceed with the Franchise within the seven day 'cooling off' period, the deposit will be refunded. However $2,500 will be retained by the franchisor to cover costs incurred.

Step 9:
You will commence training at one of the Mrs. Fields stores, as appropriate.

Step 10:
CONGRATULATIONS. You will now take over the operation of your own store at the completion of training, or when the store officially opens. Our experienced staff will help you by supporting you in various aspects of operations, including customer service, hiring and training personnel, store set-up and product display, baking procedures, merchandising, promotion, advertising, and other areas that will help make your opening a success.
At Mrs. Fields, our opportunity includes:
  • Site selection and approval assistance 
  • Construction and design assistance 
  • Hands-on training at Famous Brands University 
  • Exciting marketing ideas and promotions 
  • On-going support from our dedicated Franchisee Support Center
Whether you are a single store franchisee or a multiple storeowner, you receive all the service and support that has made Mrs. Fields Cookies great.

These services are both comprehensive and sophisticated. As a Franchisee, you will have at your disposal the retail and operational systems, procedures, policies and programs that have proved successful in Mrs. Fields stores.

Upon joining the company, new Franchisees undergo an extensive three-week training program at one the company's stores. There you will learn everything you need to operate a Mrs. Fields franchise including:

How to create Mrs. Fields world renowned products
The master plan to marketing our products, services and "brand"
And, of course, the magic behind the "feel good feeling" that customers and staff just love
After completion of this program, you would be fully capable of running your own store.
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Suite 2A /84 Darley St, Mona Vale 2103
Mobile(720) 599-3350
Fax.(02) 9999 0231
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