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Howards Storage World
“Speciality Retail Franchise operation”
Howards Storage World is a specialty retail franchise operation selling all forms of storage, space saving and organisational products for the home and office.

Today where living space is at a premium and households have many items within, keeping the home organised has become a necessity.

In today's world of digital advancement, HSW has embraced the technological revolution to assist with the way today's consumer shops.

Howards digital platform and excellent web presence allows customers to research products and be inspired by the many storage solutions available.

Range quality and excellent customer service are important ingredients with any specialty retail and HSW excel in these three areas.

HSW has also recently launched the Howards At Home concept in Australia and the same would be rolled out within any International market. Party plan has always been a popular fun way for customers to purchase and the Howards range of products is well suited for this successful method of creating incremental sales, as seen from many retailers around the world.

In summary, today there must be great customer service in store, but also giving the consumer numerous ways to purchase. 

As we say, whether a customer buys online, in store, on a mobile phone or at a Howards At Home party, we don't mind as long as they buy from Howards.
Howards Storage World has literally thousands of products to help you in your quest for an organised home. Add in a little helpful advice from the friendly staff in store – and you’ll be well on your way to living clutter free.

Howards specialises in storage and organisation for the home. We search the world for the very best solutions and deliver them in store to the highest quality.
  • Specialty retail operation for storage and organisational products.
  • Well merchandised stores showing products insitu ie; Bathroom, Kitchen, Laundry and Wardrobe displays.
  • A good range of product, quality (better best) not discount.
  • Excellent customer service to help with their storage needs.
  • HSW own branded product.
  • Excellent web presence with online purchasing available.
  • Wholesale distribution business importing goods and distributing to the network of HSW stores within the territory.
  • Availability to have a Howards At Home Party Plan within the country/territory.
We are looking for either Retail Corporations looking to add a complimentary brand to their portfolio or high net worth individuals with experience within retail and/or Master Franchise business.

The investment required depends on the country and market sought however, it is a preference to have a partner who will open all company stores so naturally a bigger capital requirement is needed.

The Master Franchise model also requires the Master Franchisee to open and operate a warehouse distribution centre with goods imported to the facility and distributed to the stores.

There is also of course the individual cost of buying the rights to a particular country/territory.
Training & Support

HSW has a very comprehensive training program for both International Master Franchisees and Sub Franchisees. International Masters complete the following :
  • Orientation Training for 1 week following Master signing. This is conducted at Group Office in Sydney.
  • 5 week training on all aspects of running a HSW store. The countries Master Franchisee would be accompanied by their Range Manager and Brand Manager. This is conducted at Group Office in Sydney and local HSW stores.
  • 2 weeks Master training covering all aspects of running a HSW Master Franchise operation. This is conducted at Group Office in Sydney and 10 weeks after opening the first store in the territory.
ContactHowards Storage World
The Loft, Macquarie Centre 420 Herring Rd Macquarie Centre, North Ryde NSW 2113, Australia
Mobile+61 2-9888-6655
Information as 10 August 2020 
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