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Abdul Samad Al Qurashi
“In the making for 150 years”
After years of success and excellence in perfumery world, we are pleased to offer you the opportunity to become part of our franchise family to grow our business worldwide keeping our originality and our legacy.

Al Qurashi family is proud of its heritage and expertise in Oud and perfume since more than 150 years. Its brilliant success has started in 1852 and has been passed down from generation to generation with the main target maintaining our customers' precious confidence and meeting all their needs and tastes over the years leaving a footprint through our successful achievements. 

Abdul Samad Al Qurashi products meet the international production specifications including materials, dimensions, safety, reliability and maintainability.
  • ASQ realized that the perfume is the key of happiness and beauty, since the perfume essence the inner beauty to reflect it on the outer look.
  • The perfume usage softens the mood and increase the energy in the body, and it also affects all the surrounding in a magical way.
  • ASQ main target was to give life a special essence and to increase its beauty and its vitality.
  • ASQ company target was to please people and to present their needs and to broadcast the joy satisfaction and pleasure threw thousands of products for all tastes.
  • Professionalism is the way ASQ Company operates. We encourage our customers, we help our workers, and we help them to increase their skills, we build trust and we maintain our authenticity and our traditions.
  • ASQ family has successfully presented its vision and well delivered the magic of the perfumes word-wide.
  • The legacy began from our Saudi Arabian kingdom to the whole word threw our branches distributed internationally.
Retail industry experience with infrastructure in place to handle logistics, distribution and sales
Financial resources to support multi store roll out
Good connection with mall operators in the territory
ContactAbdul Samad Al Qurashi
King Abdulaziz Road , Misfalah 24231 Mecca Saudi Arabia
Mobile+965 2220-2071
Information as 6 สิงหาคม 2020 
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