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MEITO Cafe, Lounge and Bubble Tea
“Meito lasst Sie lacheln!”
The way customers use cafés has changed. Today's discerning shoppers want healthy meal options and an environment where they feel comfortable alone or with friends or family. Our unique concept "Bubble Tea" plus a wide range of foodservices & Coffee, with a Friendly atmosphere it's a second living room away from home.

The biggest pride of Meito Café & Lounge is our clients. Our driving force is our partners. We never stop looking for mutually beneficial relationships with companies or individuals whose active in various business sectors. We are immensely proud of having established strong connections with quite a few partners and customers around the globe. We are open for new ventures and expanding of our current partner & client base.

Our Meito Family Philosophy :

We LOVE what we do!

Provide 100 % satisfaction to our customers through:
  • Highest quality of our products,
  • Friendly staff,
  • Excellent service,
  • Friendly atmosphere,
  • Creating unforgettable moments for our clients.
At Meito café & Lounge we strive for culinary excellence by paying close attention to the source and quality of our ingredients. We create Food & Beverage experience like no other by using in-season, locally-grown ingredients, including organic, sustainable meat, game, fish, poultry, vegetables and grains. 

We are passionate about and committed to creating delicious and locally inspired choices for our guests. Creating and nurturing relationships with responsible, ethical producers allows us to be confident in the provenance of the food & beverage we provide. We invite you to share our joy of excellent, quality Café & Lounge.
  • We didn't invent Bubble Tea; we made its process easier using the finest German Electronic Engineers and Robotic designers who have managed to customize exclusively for Meito Café & Lounge a "State of Art" machine, capable in just a few seconds of producing this endless variety of tastes... the heart of each Meito Store, called the Meito Dispensing Machine. And taste better with over incredibly 6.615.000 different combinations!
  • The quality of the staff, their fanatical dedication to customer service and their ability to make the customer feel right at home, that really sets us apart and keeps our customers coming back again and again.
  • Our high standards and passion for consistently excellent food & Beverage are part of our formula for success.
We are looking for individuals who strive to lead themselves, their teams, their communities — and can foster effective teamwork in order to drive results for clients.

We thrive when our partners are made up of people from different backgrounds, cultures, genders, education, training, interests, and skills and all have a common base of these four important qualities. And you can thrive by joining our Meito's Family.

If you're that individual? 

Take advantage of today's opportunities by becoming a Meito Cafe & Lounge partner. Recognizing the critical role our existing partners play in delivering our great concept to customers around the world, we're dedicated to helping you succeed. Through our Franchise Program, we position you for business growth by helping you compete more effectively, go to market more efficiently and expand your business. Empower your business. Discover the advantages of Meito cafe & Lounge Franchise today.
Assistance and expertise
  • Location assistance: guidelines for locating a good site and checking its viability. Guidelines for the general terms of a lease agreement that is standard for this business in this type of a location, on-site review of any proposed site and direct assistance in the negotiation and execution of the lease.
  • Construction assistance: detailed instructions outlining all the components that need to be ordered and assembled to build the location as well as sources for each component, from operating equipment including all Meito Technique, materials, staff uniforms and merchandising articles.
  • Marketing assistance: a complete marketing that covers all activity for at least the first three months of operation. This plan includes the timing, promotional material and costs for every effort to be made during the plan. Include franchisor representatives actually booking the advertising for the new franchisee to make sure nothing is missed.
  • Training-operations. The initial training cover all aspects of the operation of the business unit, with enough repetition so that new franchisees are able to operate the business from the day they open the unit, by sending an experienced operation's staff person to assist in the on-site operations of the new unit for as long as it takes to make sure the competency actually exists.
  • Training-other. The initial training also covers all the other issues associated with the operation of the business. These will include aspects of the business related to recruiting and retaining employees, back-office bookkeeping and other record-keeping. You will also receive complete written documentation on all of this training in the form of reference manuals and other written materials.
Why Meito Cafe & Lounge?

We believe our core values of integrity, client satisfaction, innovation, intellect and the finest German Electronic Engineers and Robotic designers who have managed to customize a "State of Art" machine, capable in just a few seconds of producing this endless variety of tastes... the heart of each Meito Store, called the "Meito Dispensing Machine" differentiate us from our competitors. Our focus on developing and maintaining a measurable client satisfaction program has created a company culture where each of our associates delivers world class service every day. 

When you choose to do business with Meito Café & Lounge you are partnering with a company who cares. We are continually focused on finding ways to support our community and we participate in several philanthropic activities throughout the year. Our attitude toward great service and helping others makes our culture inviting and fun. We are always looking for the brightest and most talented people around to join us in servicing our clients and community.
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20-22 Wenlock Road, N1 7GU London, United Kingdom
Information as 2 December 2018 
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