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Attila Mongolian Grill
“Fast Casual Mongolian Grill Concept”
Our Franchise is about a healthy and a fun dining experience created for people of all national and ethnic backgrounds, vegetarians and meat lovers alike; a truly unique eating experience in a Food Court environment.

With the select-it-yourself style, customers stroll up the buffet area filling their four bowls with their choice of different meats, seafood, fresh vegetables, noodles and a unique variety of savoury sauces. Next stop... our grill! The Grill is our focal point where customers watch their personal selections being prepared by Attila's Mongolian Grill chefs. 

Several important features distinguish us from other existing franchises in food courts :
  • Our food selections are always fresh and changed daily; we take extra care to offer the best quality ingredients.
  • Customers choose their own ingredients that will go into their signature meal preparation; the Customer is in total control
  • Our Grill is the restaurant's Focal Point: Customers watching their personal selection being prepared by Attila's Mongolian Grill chefs
  • With limited alternatives to the unique Mongolian food genre, customers keep returning for a dining experience found only in Attila's Mongolian Grill.
Are you interested to bring a new and exciting concept to your City Malls, offering customers quality, value meals in a unique atmosphere? Would you like to become acquainted with a food concept that delivers one of the highest repeat businesses in the industry? Would you like to be at the forefront of what customers are currently looking for in their dining experience? 

Attila's Mongolian Grill is the answer.
  • Low investments
  • High returns
  • Healthy Margins
  • Four Easy Steps to create your Own Feast
Generally, to be considered for Attila Mongolian Grill, the Area Developer must have a net worth of at least $750,000. 

Half the net worth must be in some form of liquid investment or holding account. While this is our typical minimum threshold, we occasionally make exceptions to this requirement under certain circumstances.

Some people interested in opening an Attila Mongolian Grill franchise may be hesitant to move forward because they have never had restaurant experience. 

The wonderful thing about the Attila Mongolian Grill is that prior food-service experience is not necessary. 

All Area Developers and franchisees are trained to efficiently own and operate an Attila Mongolian Grill so they will be confident in running a successful store by the time their doors open. We will consider anyone who is dedicated to working hard and following our established operating system.
  • Management
  • Customer Service
  • Food & Sauce Preparation
  • Health & Safety Laws
  • Cooking technics
  • Restaurant Opening
  • Restaurant Closing
  • Food costs
  • Ordering ingredients & supply
  • Inspection of Deliveries
ContactAttila Mongolian Grill
226 Old New Brunswick Rd, Piscataway Township, NJ 08854, United States
Information as 2 ธันวาคม 2018 
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