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KeePer Technical Laboratory (hereinafter referred to as KeePer PROSHOP) is the Parent Company of KeePer PROSHOP, which was founded in 1985 (Showa 60), specializing in the development of automotive beauty technology and products. KeePer’s products are the result of more than 20 years of research and development by KeePer. 

KeePer Technical Laboratory continues to develop new products and has already patented many of its existing products and developed technologies.  I-Tac has also received numerous awards of achievement in the industry, including the Technology Invention Award and the Year 2007 Japan Advance New Technology Award etc.

At present, KeePer Pro Shop already has around 4,800 stores in Japan. At the same time, there are around 14,000 different types of car beauty stores, petrol stations, car wash chain stores, automotive retail stores etc. which are using KeePer’s product. 

According to the official statistics of KeePer, there are on average over 3 million vehicles in Japan using KeePer’s products. Compared to other similar products, KeePer’s products are no doubt the leader of car beauty products in Japan.

The products and services of KeePer have always been popular amongst car lovers in Japan. Many celebrities and socialites form part of KeePer’s client base. KeePer is also very much focused on establishing and maintaining its user community. 

This is achieved by the publishing of free magazines and brochures which contains exclusive interviews of various celebrities sharing their KeePer experience. 

A free magazine, 《KeePer Times》, is also published periodically in order to let customers get the latest news of KeePer. At the same time KeePer also acts as the sponsor the LEXUS TEAM KeePer Kraft and have assisted the team to achieve remarkable results on the racetrack in Japan.
Introduction :

Combining  the Quick Wash Jr. series equipment and Power Mousse, Power Mousse is the neutral interface of the active agent which can effectively removes dust, oil and dirt the foam bubbles created by it is dense yet light. 

Using it in conjunction with the pure wool La-Mop brush together with the Superb Hand Car Wash technology will ensure a more efficient and effective car wash process, resulting in a close to brand new car experience.

Car Wash Device :
  • Multi-functional, moveable car wash Machine Kaisen Jr.200
  • Efficient, speedy car wash machine Kaisen Wing
Service Content :
  • Superb Hand Car Wash
  • Glass and Tyre cleaning
  • Interior cleaning
ContactKeePer Pro Shop
Unit C, G/F, Yam Hop Hing Industrial Building, 40-44 Kwai Wing Road, Kwai Chung, N.T. Hong Kong.
Mobile(852) 2574-4443
Fax.(852) 2485-2368
Information as 29 มกราคม 2021 
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KeePer Pro Shop
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