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Rocketchefs is the first of its kind gourmet mobile delivery service that makes great food available immediately, through its mobile vans and especially designed food pods.

Open our easy to use mobile app, lookup the food pods closest to you, choose a cuisine/ dish, and with one click – your order is finalized. 

Then, find your order delivered piping hot, fresh and fast, and sometimes even cooked right at your doorstep, giving you an unbeatably fresh food experience. 

Think a gourmet foods store meets a master chef meets a rocket powered delivery mechanism.

Led by industry experts, Rocket Chefs aims to use its food knowledge, hospitality expertise, backend support and a strong technological backbone to offer a cutting edge experience to its customers.

We also proudly claim to be a social enterprise that conducts business not only for profit, but with a vision that supports common good in our society.
  • We train entrepreneurs that partner with us and increase awareness of the how the hospitality industry works.
  • We provide our entrepreneurs with technological, marketing, financial & funding support. They have the option of choosing amongst a range of business models and delivery platforms.
  • The common good is our primary purpose, literally “baked into” the organization’s DNA, and trumping all others. Our goal is nothing less than to change the world by providing exceptional service, while improving quality of life for all that associate with us.
  • We ensure that the food is affordable for all.
  • Our business model eliminates huge infrastructure costs and passes these benefits on to the consumers.
Operating Model :
  • Geographical collaboration with qualified entrepreneurs.
  • Defined standards.
  • Delivery vehicle design & fabrication.
  • Delivery vehicle fully ready state. Equipped with
  • Customization of the vehicle
  • Fixed equipment - Oven, Freezer
  • Loose equipment- Kitchen tools, storage
  • Operating supplies- Uniforms, Service gear
  • GPS enabled phone with billing software.
  • Initial food stock and packaging.
  • Marketing collaterals.
  • Finance facilitated through leading institutions.
  • Food (stocks / quality/ production) provided. 40-50 % Margin protected depending upon the SKU.
  • Flat fee per month.
  • No royalty
  • First right of refusal to the current business partner at the end of a given term.
Support Services by Rocketchefs :
  • Operational/Training
  • Service/Product Standards
  • Pricing
    • Pricing range of the National Menu to be defined by ROCKETCHEFS
    • Collaborative approach for other menu items.
  • Supply Chain support.
  • Operational Quality audits
    • Third party auditors and ROCKETCHEFS team. Twice a year.
    • Technology & Systems support
    • Dedicated Help Line
    • Payment processing
    • Commercial guidelines
    • Media Relations/Public relations
    • Online Advertising and Branding
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  • Area : Store Wise
  • Investment : Rs. 2lac - Rs.5lac
Value Proposition :
  • Cooked at your doorstep
  • Piping hot guaranteed
  • Fresh from the stove.
  • Gourmet preparations.
  • Great recipes
  • Variety
  • Excitement and convenience bundled together.
  • Localization of the menu.
  • Robust Technology, allows complete configuration to the geography.
Business Partner’s Responsibilities : 
  • Food preparation and dispensing
  • Payroll expenses-To comply with all statutory compliances including medical checkups
  • Local sales and marketing in the designated area
  • Maintaining of proper books of accounts & record keeping.
  • Statutory:- Food License, Shops & Establishment, Sales tax Up-keep & maintenance.
  • Food stock purchase through Rocketchefs central kitchen.
Information as 2 ธันวาคม 2018 
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