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100% ORGANIC Tulsi Teas, Herbal Medicines, Desi Ghee, Chyawanprash as well as other supplements & commodities.
Drawn to India in search of Truth and Self Realization, people came flooding to Lucknow upon hearing of the simple teaching of Sri H.W.L. Poonja, lovingly known as Papaji.

A number of people settled in Lucknow at that time, living and working independently. A few people, including Prashanti de Jager, an Ayurvedic Practitioner and Bharat Mitra (Yoav Lev), President of ORGANIC INDIA Pvt. Ltd, began a small business of developing Ayurvedic herbal medicines for the health and well-being of the many people coming to Lucknow. Formerly known as IITC ORGANIC INDIA Private Limited was renamed in the year 2006 as ORGANIC INDIA Private Limited.

In September 1997, Papaji left his mortal form, and many people left Lucknow as well. However Bharat Mitra, originally from Israel, stayed in Lucknow with a small number of other people from around the world, and continued to develop the business. We began growing and collecting our own herbs for our herbal medicines, not being satisfied with the quality of herbs available on the market.

We had the good fortune in 1998 to meet Dr. Narendra Singh whose extensive research on Tulsi led him to write the book "Tulsi, The Mother Medicine of Nature", in collaboration with Dr. Yamuna Hoette from Germany, and Dr. Ralph Miller from Canada. Dr. N. Singh has dedicated his life to studying and researching the medicinal value and application of thousands of Ayurvedic herbs. Our successful collaboration with Dr. Narendra Singh led us to develop our delicious and health promoting Tulsi Tea Collection and our successful line of Herbal Medicines, all based on his research and clinical studies. Dr. N. Singh has successfully treated thousands of patients with these herbal medicines over a period of more than forty years.

We began our first large cultivation of Tulsi by contracting farmers in the area around Dr. N. Singh's ancestral home near Azamgarh, UP. Our determination to have the highest quality Tulsi and Herbal Medicines led us to an unwavering commitment to grow and use only Organic Tulsi and Organic Herbs. Our entrance into the agricultural world of India revealed the horrors of chemical agriculture and the devastation left by the failure of the 'Green Revolution'.

In 2001, we opened a subsidiary distribution company in the USA in order to offer ORGANIC INDIA products to the people of North America. ORGANIC INDIA USA was incorporated in the State of Colorado. In April 2005, we opened a subsidiary corporation in Israel called ORGANIC INDIA, Israel, to import and market our products in Israel. ORGANIC INDIA, Israel now owns and operates several natural foods stores in Israel.
  • Tulsi Tea - Relax, Refresh, Energise
  • Organic Medicines
  • Syrups
  • Organic Chyawanprash
  • Desi Ghee
Plot No. 266, Faizabad Road, Kamta, Post Chinhat Lucknow-227105
Mobile+91-(0)522-2701579, 099562 96685
Information as 14 October 2020 
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