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199,000 THB (Thailand)
Thanakha International Corp. is the exclusive and the only authorized distributor of  Organic Thanakha products in the Philippines. It is a company that believes in the concept of sharing the blessings of nature by promoting products that are pure, organic and natural.

Though still young in the business having only started in 2008, the Company has already received two prestigious awards. Organic Thanakha was given a World-Class Citation Certificate as 2008 Most Outstanding Facial and Skincare Product by the Global Excellence Awards held last October 2008.

Organic Thanakha was also a Seal of Excellence Awardee as 2009 Outstanding Facial and Skincare Product by the National Consumer Affairs Foundation and the People’s Choice Seal of Excellence Award held last January 2009.

The company engages in direct selling, though we want to emphasize that we are not a networking company. Since our products emanate from a tree of miraculous wonders – the Thanakha, we would like to share the benefits of its products as well as its financial fruits just like how a tree shares its nutrients from its roots, trunk, branches, leaves and flowers until they bear the fruits – our ultimate goal.

We consider the people joining and partaking of the blessings of Organic Thanakha as a family. We regard them as brothers and sisters who share mutual interests as business-minded individuals who value hard work, perseverance and determination to reach their goals in life, generously sharing their nature’s blessings and living a respectable life.
Franchise Information

A. Distribution Franchise
  • Franchise fee : P300,000
  • Initial term : 6 years
  • Capital requirement : P1.5 Million
  • Required space : 80 sq.m.
B. Cart Franchise
  • Franchise fee : P199,000
  • Initial term : 5 years
  • Capital requirement : P500,000
  • Required space : 4 sq.m.
Royalty : None
Ground Floor Minnesota Mansion, 267 Ermin Garcia, Cubao, Quezon City
Mobile(02) 912-2946, 955-0734
Fax.(02) 912-2973
Information as 17 มิถุนายน 2020 
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