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Burstea provides Franchise / Waralaba business opportunity (peluang usaha) in Indonesia in Beverages Industry, especially in Teh Products. Burstea is the business opportunity using the system of agency without the Royalty Management Fee, so that 100% of this business is yours.

12,500,000 IDR (Indonesian Rupiah)

Bursya Indonesia is a form of business entity is engaged in commanditer general trade, home industries etc. Bursya Indonesia was established in 10 November 2007 on the basis of a business opportunity tea as a health drink by generations to the world community.

Products Menu
– Orginal Tea
– Spices Tea
– Apple Tea
– Guava Tea
– Lemon Tea
– Lychee Tea
– Mango Tea
– Mix Fruit

Unique Selling Points
– Tea packaging with Herbs and Fruit Original Flavor (non-chemical flavor)
– 100% pure sugar, no artificial sweeteners
– Warm and Cold

Steps To Become Partner
– Business General Presentation
– Pay Commitment Fee 10% from Investment
– Operational Explanation
– Sign the Agreement
– Pay 70% from Total Investment
– Opening Preparation
– Pay the rest 20% of Investment
– Grand Opening

Why Choose this Business
– Tea is the second most consumed in the world after water
– Fresh Tea in packaging and can be taken anywhere (One Way Package)
– Tea with Herb Flavor is Niche Market and Burstea is the Pioneer

ContactCV Bursya Indonesia
Jl. Rungkut Asri Barat V no.22 Surabaya, Indonesia
Mobile+62 031-870 2526 / 021-3388 9747
Fax.+62 031-870 2526
Information as 2 ธันวาคม 2018 
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