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Bejo Donut – Donat Polandia
Bejo Donut – Donat Polandia provides franchise / waralaba business opportunity (peluang usaha) in Indonesia in Food Industry, especially in Donut Products. Bejo Donut is a donut products with special distinctive taste and unique. Presenting the first Polish Donuts in Indonesia that match consumed by the family and your relatives.

Pertner Program is open to you who want to work with Bejo Donut partnership with the system. Bejo Donut designed this program with several advantages that will facilitate your entrepreneurial.

5,000,000 IDR (Indonesian Rupiah)

Why Donat Polandia ?
- Served fresh and warm
- The flavor deliciousness typical of Bejo Donut
- The packaging is attractive
- Made from hygienic materials and healthful
- It is more evenly throughout the donut
- Many Variations
- The combination of taste to suit your taste
- The price is very affordable

ContactEvi / Mariana
Taman Holis Indah Blok G1 No. 20, Bandung
Mobile+62 02276313777 / 08128218995
Information as 16 May 2019 
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