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Are you interested in owning your own business and making a substantial contribution to your community? Providing early childhood education enrichment is a positive business environment that is also profitable. FasTracKids was established in 1998 and is now one of the fastest growing franchise organizations in the world.
500,000,000 IDR (Indonesian Rupiah)
In 1997, an entrepreneur met an educator. The entrepreneur had a vision of building key skills in children, so that they would be better communicators, problem-solvers and leaders throughout their lives. The educator had developed a workbook based curriculum that built a child’s creative and critical thinking skills.

In January of 1998, FasTracKids® International was incorporated and purchased the intellectual property rights to the curriculum. It then began the development of its signature early education program, FasTracKids. FasTracKids developed a multi-media, interactive platform that fully engages children.

By exposing children to 12 subject areas, FasTracKids utilizes a multisensory approach (auditory, visual, tactile and kinesthetic) to teaching. With this approach, FasTracKids instructors focus on facilitating the learning process of each child. The program provides a consistent and high quality delivery, a teaching methodology that engages all of a child’s senses. It still is a unique differentiator in the early education marketplace.

FasTracKids began as an international company, appointing its first Franchisees in five countries. In October of 1998, the first classes were conducted in both English and Spanish in Australia, Malaysia, Mexico, Singapore, the United States, and Venezuela. Since that time, FasTracKids is one of the fastest growing franchisors in the world. FasTracKids has been recognized as a top franchising organization by publications such as Entrepreneur Magazine. FasTracKids has also received the Governor’s (CO) Award for Excellence in Exporting, and has been awarded the Exporter of the Year by U.S. Commercial Services.

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The market for a FasTracKids franchise has been created by a combination of what is now known in the area of brain development and the need for innovative methods of early childhood education. Most researchers will agree that the “window of opportunity” for the development of a child’s neural network, or their capacity for learning, exists between the ages of 0 to 8. In this changing world, focus needs to be on developing the process of learning education as well as acquiring data and facts.

Today, FasTracKids is headquartered outside of Denver, Colorado. The staff is a dedicated group of professionals who are committed to providing quality, early childhood education programs worldwide through its Franchisees.

The primary steps of becoming a FasTracKids Academy Licensee include:
  • Successfully complete the Initial Training and Certification Course.
  • Purchase a FasTracKids Franchise.
  • Lease or purchase the equipment necessary for a FasTracKids classroom.
  • Secure a location for classes.
  • Introduce parents to FasTracKids methodology and enroll their children for classes.
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FasTracKids International, Ltd. 6900 E. Belleview Av. Suite 100 Greenwood Village, CO 80111
Mobile+6221 45854362 , 303.224.0200
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