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Xpresso Delight
The American coffee market is growing faster than ever. Perked coffee is no longer an acceptable beverage for the millions of people who go out of their way every day to achieve the perfect coffee experience. Eighty-three percent of adults drink coffee in the U.S, the world's biggest consumer of the beverage, according to the National Coffee Association's 2013 survey.
20,000 THB (Thailand)
Xpresso Delight is a simple business concept that virtually anyone can be successful at. Specifically we transplant the café experience into the workplace. You own a number of fully automated gourmet espresso coffee systems that provide a coffee experience equal to any café for an incredibly small $1 per coffee. Xpresso Delight Franchise Opportunity_3

These coffee systems are given FREE to businesses. Since there are no upfront costs for their company and absolutely no risk for them, it makes it a lot easier for them to say "Yes." This means you're able to concentrate on locating prime sites that will provide you the highest returns.

Franchise fee:$20,000.

Minimum cash required:$50,000.

Total investment range:$68,000 - $101,000.
Xpresso Delight has been a success for many people who have never been in business before. Even if you have, our system will help to accelerate that success. Success as an Xpresso Delight franchisee comes Xpresso Delight Franchise Opportunity_4from simply following our proven systems, while at the same time being able to tap into the support of experienced professionals who have done it all before.

You'll discover that everything is systemized to make learning easy and fast, so you have more time to concentrate on customer service and profitability. We'll help you develop a business plan that will bring your goals into focus, and train you in how to operate and service your machines. We also help you develop the necessary business, sales and marketing skills to manage and grow your business to whatever level you want to achieve.

Maximum returns, minimal effort
With Xpresso Delight, your ability to leverage time shoots through the roof. You'd spend approximately 45 minutes per week servicing each of your coffee systems so, with 10 systems taking around 9.1 hours, you'd have the rest of the week to do whatever else you want to do, and the best part is your machines are still working even when you're not!

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