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Cafè Barbera
Coffee is the most popular beverage in the world and is ranked #2 as a global commodity – worth over $100 billion worldwide – behind the #1 commodity, oil.

Coffee houses that offer fast or quick casual menus with premium ingredients, simple recipes and more customization, like Cafè Barbera, are in a sector that has outpaced other dining sectors – full service and quick service – with double digit annual sales growth. For consumers, the fast casual sector means a healthier and more satisfying food and beverage experience, worth a slightly higher price.
35,000 THB (Thailand)
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Our Story

For centuries coffee has provided inspiration, warmth, energy, clarity, contemplation and a chance to savor and share “the good life” for all those whose enjoyed its robust flavors and rich aromas. It wasn’t until 1870, in Southern Italy, that true coffee perfection – Cafè Barbera® – was created by our founder, Domenico Barbera, when he opened our first coffee house and served fresh coffee roasted daily with passion and dedication.

Over 140 years later the tradition of the Cafè Barbera Company, the oldest coffee company in Europe, has been carried on by five generations of the Barbera family and merged with a spectactular vision to establish traditional Italian coffee shops serving premium authentic Italian roasted coffee beans. Still sourced from seven varieties of the world’s finest coffee beans, slow roasted separately by master coffee roasters and artfully blended to our original recipe – Cafè Barbera coffee houses offer true old world charm, an appreciation for the special moments in life, a fresher, tastier, healthier menu, and romantic, aromatic, authentic Italian coffee.

Stepping into a Cafè Barbera coffee house is like stepping back in time. Here you’ll find a slower pace and a chance to re-discover the finer, simpler things like food, family and friends. Of course, there’s always the coffee. Each cup is hand-brewed by baristas who are trained in the ways of our founder, Domenico, with a respect, reverence and passion for truly authentic Italian espresso. Our menu features Italian-inspired panini sandwiches, fresh fish, mediterrean style salads, light croissant breakfasts, or Greek and Italian cheeses, dressings, fresh vegetables, pastries, spices and flavors.


From the day the first Cafè Barbera franchise opened in 2004, Cafè Barbera has preserved the tradition and spirit brought by each cup of perfect Italian espresso. We are dedicated to providing a nostalgic, yet enjoyable experience through superior product standards and service excellence.

Café Barbera - The Italian Coffee House - is an unique franchise meeting consumer demands for a fresher, tastier, healthier menu and premium-grade coffees. Featuring Caffè Barbera coffee, our Café Barbera franchises are the expression of over 140 years of coffee perfection and passion from six generations of the Barbera family.

Q: What amount of capital will be required to open my location?

A: Including the initial fee of $35,000, your total investment can range from a low of $187,000 to a high of $305,000 providing you negotiate within the startup recommendations and if you opt to sign an Area Development Agreement that will allow you to develop from 2 to 5 business locations in a designated territory.

Q: What type of fees are associated with operating my center once it’s opened?

A: There is a Weekly Continuing License Fee that is 6% of Gross Revenues received from the previous week’s operations. There is a Marketing and Technology Fund Fee of $350 per month. And, you must spend $500 each month or 1% of your Gross Revenues each month, whichever is the lesser amount, on Local Advertising Expenditures.


Q: What will be my monthly overhead and break-even point?
A: At the appropriate time in the interviewing process, you will discuss with Cafe’ Barbera your pre-ownership business plan, which contains the financial aspects of pricing, fixed and variable expenses and your bill paying calendar. Respectively, each owner differs monthly to market rent, salaries, advertising, loan repayment and personal business choices. Your goal is to oversee a low monthly budget and accelerate your break-even point.

Because the success of the Cafè Barbera system depends on its people and the uniformity of its operations from cafe to cafe, the management of Cafè Barbera has designated the training of its franchisees as a top priority. We make major commitments of time and resources to our franchisee training program. As a franchisee, you will be trained in the areas of:
  • Store Operations
  • Production
  • Merchandising
  • Promotions
  • Accounting Procedures
  • Store and Personnel Management
Field service personnel work directly with the franchisee, providing expert counsel not only through the opening phase of the Cafe but also on an ongoing, regular basis. They regularly visit each franchise to give on-the-spot management and operational suggestions, thus serving as a conduit for new ideas at work within the Cafè Barbera system.

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Cafè Barbera
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