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Kwik Kopy Business Center is two franchises in one: the original KWIK KOPY print and copy business, combined with the PARCEL PLUS pack and ship business.
42,000 THB (Thailand)
Kwik Kopy Printing started with determination, a dream and the entrepreneurial spirit of one man, Bud Hadfield. When he was only 12 years old, Bud had printing in his blood; he bought his first printing equipment and printed a “family” newspaper for his neighborhood.

In his mid 20s, Bud moved to Houston where he would revisit his passion for the printing industry. Bud and his brother met a widow interested in selling her print shop for $1,000. The shop was a mere 18x20 feet and had no running water. The brothers managed to come up with $250 each and financed the rest. This would soon prove to be one of the best investments Bud would ever make.

Bud’s printing business was moderately successful. It wasn’t until years later that his business really took off when an old friend brought Bud a complicated printing order. Upon receiving the completed order so quickly, the friend told Bud, “Whatever this is, you ought to franchise it.” Having a true entrepreneurial spirit, he began studying franchising.

By 1970, there were 27 franchised Kwik Kopy Printing Centers. Eight years later, Bud sold his first franchise outside the U.S. Today there are more than 700 Kwik Kopy Printing and Kwik Kopy Business Centers around the world. Kwik Kopy Business Center, the newest business solutions concept, is a combination of Kwik Kopy Printing and the pack-and-ship brand, Parcel Plus. Together, these franchises help customers with complete document management, professional marketing solutions, and packing, mailing and shipping services.

Kwik Kopy Business Center is two franchises in one: the original KWIK KOPY print and copy business, combined with the PARCEL PLUS pack and ship business.

The primary function of any Kwik Kopy Business Center is to serve the printing and copying needs of small and medium-sized businesses in the area. Black and white or color, long run or short run, standard and over-sized – your Kwik Kopy Business Center, with its sophisticated digital equipment, can provide whatever services the market demands.

The Parcel Plus pack and ship center component of our concept is an ideal way to expand your services. A growing number of Americans are operating businesses out of their homes which means there’s an increased demand for post office boxes, packing, shipping, copying, faxing and notary services. And the retail product offerings of a Parcel Plus make your Kwik Kopy Business Center even more attractive. In fact, your Kwik Kopy Business Center serves not just as a supplier, but as a partner for businesses in the area.

700 Branches
Sum Branch700 Branch
Total investment for a Kwik Kopy franchise ranges from $167,050 – $251,877.

An investment in your future.

Including one year’s working capital, the total initial investment required to open a Kwik Kopy Business Center ranges between $237,170.00 and $270,995.00. Three major variables determine whether your investment will be on the low or high-end of this spectrum:

Location – It costs more to do business in New York City than in Laredo, Texas, for example. Size – We recommend that you consider space ranging from 1,500 to 1,700 square feet. Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment – How much of each will you need to acquire for your Center? Other variables could include leasehold improvements to get a site ready. To pay the initial fees for your new Kwik Kopy Business Center, you’ll need $74,000 cash. Beyond that figure, which is included in the numbers mentioned above, you have two options for financing the balance:

Conventional Bank Loan – Based on the cumulative assets of the borrower, the current interest rate and loan period, a loan package may or may not be required.

Small Business Administration (SBA) Loan – The assets of the borrower are not as critical with this type of loan. Though the interest rate may be higher, SBA loans often offer longer amortization periods. A loan package is required.

We’re Here to Help

At Kwik Kopy Business Center, support is more than a concept, it's a commitment. In addition to communication tools such as newsletters and direct mail campaigns, Kwik Kopy Business Center provides its franchise owners with access to a Success Library, National Account Pricing information, and a Vendor Support program. And should a problem arise, we are never more than a phone call away. In fact, we log and document every call that comes into the Kwik Kopy Action Center. And we take steps to resolve every problem, on any subject.

The Owner's Network is another efficient and extraordinarily useful tool available to Kwik Kopy Business Center owners 24 hours a day, seven days a week. By logging onto the Owner’s Network, a franchisee can find information when he or she needs it. In addition to searching for help by subject, owners can read equipment reviews, visit professional chat rooms, bulletin boards and review important notices.

The Owner's Network is maintained by the Kwik Kopy Business Center research and development division, Demand Graphics Research. Demand Graphics performs numerous other functions valuable to Kwik Kopy Business Center owners: equipment testing, review of equipment leases, training seminars and technical assistance.

In addition to the initial training provided for every new Kwik Kopy Business Center franchise (which you’ll learn about in a subsequent e-mail), the company offers on-going training at Education Summits conducted throughout the year. These in-depth seminars cover virtually every subject an owner needs to know about establishing and growing a business.

Location is crucial to the success of a Kwik Kopy Business Center. The ideal outlet is in a strip center, preferably one anchored by a popular grocery store. The perfect center is surrounded by an upscale community of high-income, working families. In addition, there are a number of small to medium-sized businesses to support the Kwik Kopy Business Center outlet.

Of course, Kwik Kopy Business Center gives you all the tools you need to service your customer and grow your business. We conduct market research and gather demographic data to help each of our franchisees select a location that will work for them – a location that will help ensure success.

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