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HCCA is recognized as one of the best franchise systems in America, providing an uncommon opportunity for you to enter the home cleaning industry.
12,500 USD (U.S. Dollar)
We have the highest per office average gross revenues in the home cleaning industry!

$25,000 per month gross sales, with 20% net profit - higher average gross sales than any other franchise company in our industry. Over one-third of our offices gross over $400,000 and the largest over $1m! You can look at every industry out there, investigate every franchise opportunity in every one of those industries and, we promise you, you'll have a hard time finding a single one with all the advantages offered by HCCA.

Residential housecleaning has become one of the fastest growing industries in the country. It's currently approaching $20 billion dollars in annual sales and the projected annual growth rate is 20%! Last year, nearly 10% of all US households paid a professional service to clean their homes. Within the next few years, the US Department of Commerce expects 80% of two-income households to use an outside housecleaning service.

We don't limit your growth and profit. After successfully building your home cleaning business, you may be selected to start one of our flagship multiple profit centers to increase your sales. These profit centers are:

- Office cleaning
- Country club cleaning
- Carpet cleaning
- Window cleaning
The following graph is a list of initial expenditures with an estimate of costs. Actual costs vary depending on local market prices and are stated here for illustration only. The arrangements negotiated and the business decisions made by each franchise owner are on an individual basis. Therefore, the experience of a particular franchise owner may not correspond with the information depicted below.

Initial Franchise Fee $12,500
Equipment & Supply Package $ 3,000
Advertising--Escrow Account Deposit* $10,000
Training: 6 days (St. Louis & Denver) N/C
Training Materials: Video, Manuals, etc. N/C
Working Capital Funds $10-20,000
TOTAL Initial Investment $35,500-$45,500
Marketing support and training program
Our expert marketing staff produces powerful materials that are proven to generate business. Direct mailers, brochures, newsletters and public relations kits are all regularly updated to keep your image fresh. We can even customize materials just for your needs. You'll never worry about hiring a graphic designer, a copywriter or a printer. Our direct mail department will label, pre-sort and drop your advertisement at the post office ... all with just a quick phone call from you.

We will provide you with a comprehensive Operations Manual covering every aspect of our system. Our one-week initial training program will be followed by continuous help and support from your District Manager. You do not clean homes or offices - you manage the people who do it.

HCCA offers an uncommon opportunity, with:

- Large territories (largest in the industry)
- Dynamic marketing
- A unique customer procurement system
- Affordable start-up cost
- Marketable asset value
ContactMike Calhoon (President)
Home Cleaning Centers of America
4851 W 134th St - unit D
Leawood, Kansas 66209 USA
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