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Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning®
The Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning® franchise is now the frontrunner! Low cost, home-based, recurring revenues with our one-of-a-kind carpet care system.
22,900 USD (U.S. Dollar)
Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning® is now the frontrunner in the evolution of the carpet cleaning industry! Our key strengths are our wealth of business experience and innovative products proven to reinvent carpet right before the customer's eyes. Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning® uses a combination of its one-of-a-kind Oxi Sponge, Encapsulator and Oxi Powder to clean down deep into the bottom of the carpet pile and lift the stubborn stains all other companies have failed to combat.

The power of oxygen is undeniable; Mother Nature has utilized oxygen to naturally purify the earth for thousands of years. Now, Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning® is offering the peak of carpet cleaning innovation to potential business owners everywhere.

Many carpet cleaning companies use soap to remove stains and clean carpet. Experience shows soap leaves behind a sticky residue which acts as an adhesive, thus attracting dirt and grime back to the surface of the carpet. As a result, customers are left with unsatisfactory results and a lifetime of searching for a truly effective carpet cleaning specialist.

Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning® uses a combination of its one-of-a-kind Oxi Sponge, Encapsulator and Oxi Powder. This three-part cleaning solution creates a powerful oxygenated cleaning system that breaks down the stains while encapsulating them so that they can be effectively removed from the carpet pile. It is safe for children and pets, leaves no sticky residue, reduces returning stains and has a one hour average dry time. The results establish a high quality carpet cleaning service and satisfied repeat customers.

Operating an Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning® business requires very little overhead expense. Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning® equipment is portable and therefore it does not require the purchase of vans. An Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning® franchise comes with two OF1000 Carpet Cleaning machines, one Oxi Fresh Upholstery Cleaning Machine and a start up pack of chemical. When it is time for you to expand your business Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning® machines only cost around $2500. Oxi Fresh upholstery cleaning machines cost around $950.

Oxi Fresh Franchise Co. is proud to note that it does not take any percentage of sales from its franchise owners but instead requires a low monthly royalty fee of $295 per month which is equal to only two jobs. This is different to most of Oxi Fresh Franchise Co.'s competitors, in that they have been known to take up to 10 percent of their franchisee's sales

Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning® offers more to its franchisees than a name, logo and cleaning system. We offer tested and proven marketing campaigns that are created and ready for Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning® franchise owners to activate in their territory immediately. Having the best cleaning system available in the industry doesn't mean anything if it never makes it into the customer’s house. Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning® has taken the guesswork out of marketing and knows how to get the phone to ring!
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