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Vino 100
Vino 100 is one of those rare concepts that people hear about and immediately understand. Quite simply they "get" it. It makes sense. And once in the store as Vino 100 customers, they love it! It is their enthusiastic reactions that motivated us to begin to franchise this concept around the country.
30,000 THB (Thailand)
Vino 100 is a wonderful business to operate, especially if you enjoy people. Our customers look forward to visiting our stores and discovering the new wines we have to offer. Our approach is one of developing customers who become our friends. We try to learn their likes, dislikes and preferences in order to cultivate ongoing relationships. Most importantly, when a customer leaves with a smile from learning something about our wines we feel that we have done our jobs properly. Even better, we know that he or she will be drinking the wine and returning very soon for more!

So we developed Vino 100, a different type of wine store. Vino 100 offers our customers a comfortable, affordable and fun way to buy wines. We created a store design that ensures that the wine is the star. Each wine is showcased on its own pedestal accompanied by our unique Vino 100 Wine Barometer tm, a graphic, easy-to-understand wine rating and information system. We capture this information in our Wine Palate Computer System, and use it to tailor our marketing efforts to further strengthen our relationship with our customers.

Total Investment Required:
$150,000 - $300,000.

We know investing in a business is a very important decision, however, at Vino 100 you have over 75 years of retail experience behind you. The combination of your drive, our concept and our support is an investment rarely available today.

Vino 100 is offering single unit locations as well as multiple unit development opportunities across the United States.

The investment for any specific location consists of the following:

· Franchise Fee: The amount of the Franchise Fee is $30,000 for Vino 100. The average cost of building a store and inventory is $125,000. Details are provided in the Franchise Disclosure Statement.

· Store Construction: Constructing leasehold improvements for a Vino 100 store will vary depending upon the location.

· Fixtures and Equipment: Another cost associated with opening a Vino 100 store is the amount necessary to furnish each store with fixtures and equipment. This cost varies from $30,000 to $150,000.

· Each franchise must also make an initial purchase of merchandise and supplies. While the amount of inventory will vary from $25,000 to $90,000, depending on several factors, an estimate for the initial inventory and supplies of a typical store is about $50,000. Vino 100 Carts and Kiosks vary from $10,000 to $25,000.

· Working Capital: Generally, working capital of between $15,000 to $75,000 is recommended. The actual amount necessary will depend upon each franchisee's financial position and marketing program.

The total investment for a "Multiple Unit Developer" depends on the number of locations to be opened. After the initial franchise fee of $30,000 has been paid for the first store, the franchise fee for each additional store is $20,000. All development agreements require one-half of each franchisee fee paid in advance, along with a development fee. 

It's wine and it doesn't get better than this wine franchise! Vino 100 offers consumers a new way to buy wine, simply, based on flavor and body. And, you don’t have to be a wine expert to be a Vino 100 store owner.

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Location: Polaris
522 Polaris Pkwy.
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Vino 100
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